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The Revelator
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Pirates Vs. Ninjas by The Revelator

March 21st, 2007 12:08 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Spend a day being a Pirate or a Ninja. If you are a Pirate - pillage and burn (in that order). If you are a Ninja do something Ninja-y. Remember, it is strictly prohibited to:

1. Kill other players, except in designated player killing areas.
2. Steal valuable possessions from the corpses of already dead players.

I've decided to be a ninja for this project. A t-shirt ninja, specifically. There are instructions on how to make yourself into a t-shirt ninja here.

I also made a kamikaze-style headband to exude ninja-ness while not wearing my ninja at work for instance. I sacrificed an old protest shirt, folded the new strip over a few times, stapled it in place and painted what is, to the best of my knowledge, the kanji symbols for kamikaze on it, along with a red sun. I know finding kanji online is notoriously suspect, so I checked the symbols against four or five sites, and they all seemed to agree on these.

Today, I had one task to complete before going to work. I needed to pick up drinks for Mike The Accountant's going-away party. Lucky sob gets to go be an air traffic controller in Colorado. I snuck out of the window of my apartment, was like a silent breeze going to my car, and paid for the drins in cash, too avoid my name coming up in relation to my mission. I snuck into work, dove under a window to avoid distraction and distracted my coworker in order to into my office.

Unfortunately my camera ran out of juice, so most of my pictures are going to be from after I get homoe.

- smaller



Here I am with my ass-kicking face, modeling my headband.



Ohhh yeah, you're scared, admit it.

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