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posted by Delirium's Fishes on July 8th, 2008 7:55 PM

*giggles and rolls on floor* that was better than a roman candle fight...

posted by Delirium's Fishes on July 8th, 2008 7:53 PM

"wasn't so chipper" is the understatement of the century...

posted by Delirium's Fishes on April 22nd, 2008 9:17 PM

Your points are very valid, especially with what you said about the flagging and I understand your position, however:
I think you misinterpreted how I referred to censorship; very obviously, the pieces themselves were not censored, but what bothered me was the fact that everyone who viewed the examples expected lincoln to censor himself.

Art is a very personal interpretation of your environment in all of its aspects. And yes, anything can be art--even a urinal--if one person can find some beauty in it. Almost everything that exists in our world took craft and skill to create.

And I understand your assumed frustration at the art community in the fact that anyone can put something on a pedestal and call it art (i'm an established artist with a few gallery showings under my belt; been there, done that). But my point is that no one involved in this discussion--myself included in that statement--has the final right or authority to say "what is art;" that fundamental question hasn't been answered by philosophers, politicians, or artists alike for over two thousand years or more.

If Lincoln's view of art is the female body, then that is his perogative; our job as an audience is either to appreciate or not. I, for one, find Trevor Brown's work fascinating, while others may find it disturbing. Who's to tell me or him that his work is unacceptable?

I think this discussion is truly a lost cause because everyone has their own opinions that they're not going to budge from. All of the feminazi propaganda that has been used to target this praxis (and I've read Feminine Mystique three times, along with the Second Sex, so don't shoot the messenger) is an overused excuse that is frankly beginning to sound very old to this diehard feminist.

To summarize, art should not be censored. Period. No one will ever be able to answer the question "What is art?" And finally, we should stop attacking this task completion just because it got under our skin. Face it; this praxis made you think. It got your attention. You've been discussing it for weeks. Whether or not you agree with his view, he accomplished the very goal that all artists have:

Lincoln got you to examine your own perspective.

So kudos.

posted by Delirium's Fishes on April 21st, 2008 10:42 AM

Cthulhu! This is cute on so many different levels! ^_^

posted by Delirium's Fishes on April 21st, 2008 8:56 AM

I'm really disappointed that this got flagged...
Even before I was on sf0 (and that wasn't all that long ago) I got to hear about this task through The Animus, and I can honestly accredit this with my interest in joining. As an artist and art history major, the misunderstanding you had to put up with, frankly, annoys the shit out of me, and I believe your point was missed entirely. I think The Animus has said everything else I wanted to, so I'm going to leave it at that.
Censorship is the end of art.
Nice job anyway, and stick to your guns!