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Balboa Park Station Mystery by Chachi, Erik Ogan

June 11th, 2006 9:02 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: At the Balboa Park BART station there is a mysterious creature that has a peculiar and chilling call. Discover the nature of the beast.

Erik the Plaid and I journeyed down the J-Church Muni line to the Balboa Park station. We wandered around the grounds of the station for awhile, looking for signs of the creature. Finding none, we decided to venture inside. (We discovered that by taking the elevator we could get into the station without using a BART card. woo-hoo!)

We searched high and low along the station platform with no sign of the creature. Then, we heard it. The shrill, cackling, chirping song of the Columba Bean Sídhe. We looked and looked, trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive creature, but as is the nature of the Bean Sidhe we only heard her voice. Luckily, she called out more than once, and we were able to capture her voice with our cell phone.

We did find a mechincal contraption which seemed to be devised to lure the Columba Bean Sídhe into a feeding and nesting area of sorts. We were able to document this area and device with photographs.

- smaller

The Feeding Area

The Feeding Area

Signs of recent activity. We just missed her!

The Apparatus

The Apparatus

We believe this is an artificial mating call. An attempt to lure this endangered creature into captivity.


(There appears to be a problem with uploading mp3s. This is not what we recorded at the station.)

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