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Distract the Mailman by Gadget

July 11th, 2006 5:09 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Distract the mailman.

For the last few days, Loya and I have been bickering about who is going to help who with this task. We've both been anxious to catch the mailman at just the right time. I've scoped out his route on several occasions and I've been referring to this task as "Ambush the mailman"

Today, I was actually hoping to catch him and went out several times to check if I could spot the mailman down the block. Nope. I kept wondering to myself, "Did I miss him?" He's usually at our box between 11 and noon. I let go of it and got some work done. Then... later in the afternoon, as Loya is about to leave, she spots the mailman. "There he is", she shouts. I grab the camera and run to the front door. We run out and look and we spot him down the block and across the street. Given his usual route, he has already passed our house. We both drop our heads and saunter back into the house where we laugh about it and scheme up new plans for ambushing the mailman.

Then... without warning, the mailman is walking up our walkway with a hand full of mail... I try to grab the camera and turn it on with one hand, but I'm too slow. He hands me our mail and, not only am I unable to snap his picture, but I wasn't even able to distract him. Damn! I turn around frustrated and take my mail back into the house.

But wait! This isn't my mail. And now that I think about it, that wasn't our usual mailman. I run out and get his attention. "Hey! This isn't my mail. I think you made a mistake," I shout. The mailman walks over and looks at the mail in my hand. I show him the wrong address on several of the letters. His thought process appears on his face for everyone to see as he realizes that if we didn't get the right mail, then all the mail on our block is probably wrong. He takes the mail, mumbles something incoherently, and walks off.

I wander into the house smiling and was happy to find that Loya snapped some photos. Moments later he's back at our door with a single envelope with our address on it. He hands it to me and spots the camera in my hand. By this time, I think he's suspicious of me because of the camera. None-the-less, I go back inside and sneak a few more photos of him as he gets back in his truck and leaves.

So... in a weird turn of events, my intentions to distract the mailman were realized... but in a very unintentional sort of way.

(Loya was a collaborator on this, but she has her own debauchery in mind. Stay tuned...)

- smaller



"Hey, this isn't my mail"



He's suspicious of me.



He escapes the scene of the crime.

First shot

First shot

This was the first shot when I thought that I had missed the opportunity.

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posted by Ian Kizu-Blair on July 11th, 2006 6:18 PM


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posted by Raizekiel Malbrandt on March 17th, 2009 7:33 PM

Win, utterly and completely.