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Peter Garnett
Level 3: 246 points
Alltime Score: 719 points
Last Logged In: October 6th, 2012
TEAM: El Lay Zero TEAM: San Francisco Zero TEAM: LØVE TEAM: Level Zerø TEAM: SF0 Skypeness! TEAM: N's a Crowd TEAM: team cøøking! TEAM: Orre Regional Branch Registry Biome Rank 1: Hiker Chrononautic Exxon Rank 1: Clockwatcher

Peter Garnett

Nor is SF0 strictly a game, at least as we know games. Rather, SF0 is real life; it is authentic action from one's own agency and indeed more authentic than the lives most people live. But to cut through our ennui, it repackages Real Life in the form of a game, taking our goals and motivations and spinning them like a cotton candy machine would spin mint leaves, making them sweet and sharp, until we forget that we've spent our lives putting off living and have a bite. And then another.
(I reserve the right to inadvertently break the Secret Rules until such time as they cease to be secret.)
Planning Stage: Public Patch, A Real Life Secret Egg, Pyramid Scheme, Pushpins/Five-Dimensional Thinking/O Time Thy Pyramids

Active Stage: Create the Present

Documentation Stage: Everyday Life, Stranded

Acquired Skills:
  • Magnetic field detection
  • Mailman distraction
  • Bribery of corrupt officials
  • Free telephone network utilization
  • Ability to trick children and animals into doing one's bidding
  • Airport security elusion
  • Buried treasure detection
  • Immortality via vampirism

Proposed Tasks Here
Wasn't it your own Hartley who said, nothing reveals humanity so well as the games it plays? Almost right. Actually, you reveal yourselves best in how you play.
...I'd better get on that, then.

Red: In.
Mixing 5
wwn exclusive
Peter Garnett
Peter Garnett
"Wait for cake to cool completely."
Rainbow Cake 3: The Cookening
Peter Garnett

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Wait, it got approved?


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Due to above noted difficulties, additional proof is needed that this is a picture of yourself.

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Tac is, if I recall rightly.

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