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Icky Bob
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Last Logged In: June 12th, 2006

Icky Bob


Frottage on Frontage, Stealing and wearing threadbare soiled "control" under/garments, Laughing at (as I ) vomit on fundamentalist religious fanatics, watching the tattoos of the heavily tattooed age badly, losing miscellaneous manmade objects and disembodied body parts in my bodily cavities so I can use my absurd creative streak to weave explanations at the hospital, leading stray animals to neighborhood fast food restaurants for dumpster dining, The picking and consumption of scabs, dead and dried skin, wanton personal vandalism/modification, consuming copious amounts of toxic chemicals mostly found under kitchen sinks, cold medicine isles in drug stores and HAZMAT waste sites, shedding skin, digits and limbs, shaking the hand of the “Normal� interloper, Orgies with the dead.

Hometown: The Kalaupapa Peninsula of Molokai

About me: I have an impressive used (horse) speculum collection. In leisure time I enjoy receiving from generous destitute gentlemen, metaphorical malevolent punts to the groin and cranium, the treasured pastime of circulating downtown public restrooms and bus stops probing for superfluous clusters and wadded miscellaneous forms of discarded detritus. Urine is not always warm. Bathing or cleaning the body in any way is a sin in the eyes of my god(s), punishable by castration or death.

Languages: Gibberish, Avi, “Speaking in tongues� Esperanto

Club: Cacophony society, Burning man

Music: Diamanda Galas, The sound of a high speed car chase followed by screeching/crashing sounds, Bella Bartok, amplified lamentations, Three day Stubble, Throbbing Gristle, Current 93, bum fight noise, Oliver Messiaen, Voluptuous Horror of Karen black, Earth, Grotus, The Melvins, Lustmord, Fantomas & fornicating animals.

Movie: DER TODESKING, Cannibal holocaust, Soylent green, The Devil's Rain, Uncle Goddamn, Susperia, Hated: GG Allin & the Murder Junkies, the films of: Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, Sam Peckinpah, Errol Morris, Fritz Lang, Julie Taymor, The Brothers Quay, Sergio Leone, Mario Bava, Jim Jarmusch, Kenneth Anger, Dario Argento, Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog, George Romero, Nick Bougas, Russ Meyer, Don Coscarelli, In the Realms of the Unreal - The Mystery of Henry Darger, The Cremaster Cycle, Disinformation: The Complete Series, Harold & Maude, Adventures in babysitting.

Book: Trepanation: Find your joy in a head hole, Anarchist cookbook, Storey's Guide to Cattle insemination, Iceberg Slim, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Robert Anton Wilson, Thomas Ligotti, Charles Bukowski, Phoebe Glockner, George Sterling, Henry Miller, Anton Lavey, Cormack Mccarthy, H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley, Raymond Carver, Dave Eggers, Jim Goad, David Sedaris, John Steinbeck, Valerie Solanas, Jack Kerouac, Philip Levine, Gary Soto, Dorothy Parker, William Saroyan, Lynn Breedlove, Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens, Pat Califia, Walt Whitman, Marcel Proust, Books: Struggle: The Art of Szukalski, Sex and Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons, Zos Speaks!: Encounters With Austin Osman Spare

Occupation: laboratory test subject for experimental pharmaceuticals

Skills: I make sausages.


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Title: "From the horse's mouth"
Howdy, brother!

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posted by Icky Bob on April 11th, 2006 1:57 PM

he's looking at a potato knish