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Ink Tea
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Pirates Vs. Ninjas by Ink Tea

September 20th, 2006 5:21 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Spend a day being a Pirate or a Ninja. If you are a Pirate - pillage and burn (in that order). If you are a Ninja do something Ninja-y. Remember, it is strictly prohibited to:

1. Kill other players, except in designated player killing areas.
2. Steal valuable possessions from the corpses of already dead players.

As chronicaled in my International Talk Like a Pirate Day task, I:

1. Dealt in the trade of fine furs and fabrics.
2. Sailed a fine vessel bedecked with my Jolly Roger.*
3. Procured citrus to avoid the blasted scurvey.
4. Dealt in tea trade.
5. Yelled in a most piratical way.

Star5 took some photos of me in the fabric store with my cameraphone, but my cameraphone is craptacular and the shots don't really show up. So you've got my self portraits and the shot of my bike. I wish I could have gotten a shot of me riding my bike... er.. sailing my ship down the street. Well... any excuse to dress up like a pirate again.


*This Jolly Roger was made by my best friend, as part of decorations for a going away party for a very piratical friend of mine. The flag has been flown for every party I've thrown since then, and went to Burning Man with me in 2005. The wear and tear on this is all natural.

- smaller



That'd be Tom's of Maine Orange-Mango toothpaste, Dark chocolate with orange peel, and three pieces of citrus.

sexy pirate.jpg

sexy pirate.jpg



Yar Citrus

Yar Citrus

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posted by Ink Tea on September 20th, 2006 5:37 AM

In case you can't tell, the citrus also included Tom's of Maine Orange-Mango toothpaste and some dark chocolate with orange peel in it.