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JJason Recognition
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Observation by JJason Recognition

November 23rd, 2008 6:03 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Get out in the world, find somewhere that you can write. Then, write about everything around you for thirty minutes.

This is one of those praxises that you don't plan for at all. I had a different plan that I wanted to do for observation, but it involved fancy equipment that I don't have like a turn table and a video camera. So when I came up with another idea for completing the task (which was: Hey, let's do observation right here, right now), I immediately dropped that plan. This is a iron-clad rule I have for tasking - if I have two plans for a task, one of which I can complete right now and one of which I can't, I always do the one I can do now. Cause I will always have more good ideas, but I'm never going to get this moment back.

Having done no planning, I needed to gather up the required materials for the task from what was around. I found a pen on a desk (which I borrowed and never gave back) and I did my writing on two fliers that I picked up. This turned out to be a problem - about twenty minutes in I ran out of space and had the jump out of my chair to grab the nearest piece of paper available. Don't worry though - it was only like 15 seconds gap, maximum.

The original text was in a huge undifferentiated block. I have cut it into lines here cause I know I hate reading huge blocks of texts, so I'm not going to inflict it on other people. My favorite bit has been bolded.

This was hard. Things happen much faster than you can write about them, at when you're in a fairly busy area. I didn't end up doing much description of the setting cause too many people were moving around and I felt obligated to describe them first, before they disappeared. It was a fairly frantic process.

Despite this, there were moments when I would finish describing something, look up and then have no idea what to write next. It's not that things weren't happening, but I couldn't choose what I should describe next. I was paralyzed by options.

I'm sure some sort of conclusions could be reached about based on what I described and what I passed over. The task asks for you to describe "everything" but that's not really feasible (not that I have any problem with impossible tasks). Inevitably choices must be made and those choices most likely reflect that which my eye immediately jumps too. Order is probably also significant. Luckily for me, none of you were there so you can't know what I left out, thereby saving me from your judgement. Thank god for that.

Also, by the end of it my hand hurt like a bitch. Like a ton. Luckily it's better now.

The Text Itself
I am sitting in a hallway in a hotel
There are many, 6-10 or so people standing around and talking, more wnadering from place to place.
I can hear them talking and music form the dance be heard in the background.
There is a man wearing a bowler hat with goggles, a vest, very steampunk.
A man in a black jacket walks by, another wearing purple gloves, another with a chain pocket watch, a cane, bolwer hat.
The rug has a swirling pattern.
My hand hurts already.
Directly in front of me a group of 4 stands and talks, to my left a group of 3: a man in a red cape, a woman in a corset, a masked entity, probably a man.
A man with a, a wheel chair rolls by, a lady in heels walks by, more people mill about, holding drinks in ones & 2s.
Here's a man in tie die and a kilt. He's already gone.
A pair holds hands, a girl with horns and a tail, a man in all yellow.
2 security officers stand with a woman in flannel, the male officer walks off, the other 2 follow. Laughter.

The music changes, a techno beat.
A short haired girl, more random people walk by.
The sound of voices behind me.
A woman sits on a chair, talks to a standing man, a man in backpack, a lady, a long hair main in a suit jacket, a man with two canes walks slowly
A man in turquoise robes compliments a ladies top hat - she wares a ruffled dress.
The long haired suit jacket man comes back, a man with plastic vines around his hat reads a bulletin board, talks to a lady.
A red hair lady, The short haired lady again.
More people gather around the sitting lady, a group of five, she's stood up, they leave towards the elevators.
The music's stopped, many people talk behind me.
A man with a jacket, camera.
A woman with bells on her dress and feathers in her hair.
The music's back
A group of four woman, one with spikey hair, walk and talk.
The feathered woman joins the group with the top hatted man.

A group of 2 discuss in front of me getting a picture taken
The volume behind me increases
The man with canes walks by from the right, pauses near my right, goes by - he has one very large shoe.
A large group is by the elevator - I see stripped scarf.
2 woman hold hands, talk in funny voices.
The music has taken on an indian tone - still techno.
A man with a plush winged cat on his shoulder, the belled woman walks by, talks on a the phone.
She stops in front of me, asks if I'm a poet or a songwriter. I tell her the truth
A group of 3 by my left discuss taking photos - a man in tie die in pro, the woman in a red dress and head scarf doesn't want to. The 3rd person says nothing. He wears a badge around his neck, talks to someone with a a long flowing cape.
Hotel staff walks by, looking around.
A lady in a short skirt looks lost.

The music picks up pace.
A man asks the girl about her jacket, which says cultist, they about about a timewarp.
A man with a bear goes by by, another man with a yellow jacket.
A klingon in a colorful coat, a blue jacketed, long tail girl strides by.
A lady with a red hair veil thing.
A man with a wine glass.
A man in a sea captain jacket talks to a lady to.
The music is good.
A man asks him for pictures, the man and woman pose. The photograph laughs, compliments, takes picture.
Girl with spikey hair runs by.
More costumed people, a lady as a nun? matron?
Man with mustache, red glowing goggles
Man with chinese jacket.
More people look into room behind me.
A group insults the music. Others join group, about 6-7 now.
More mill, one breaks off group, returns.
Group in front of me is 4, one has a fan and waves it.
A lady with 2 cups of wine

I ran out of paper.
Man and woman, group of my right breaks up, guy with back packs goes from left to right, still more people go by.
A man in a kilt reads fliers.
Group to my right is down to 2, two hards cups
Balloons on a sign fall down
Woman in corset, blue
Group leaves room.
"It would make a nice close up" laughter
Staff with thing of ice and water
"Don't be coy"
Group of 3 to farthest side of room, man in big green coat
Group of 4 in front leaves
Nun leaves room, circles table, leaves to my left.
Man in blue and jeans looks for something
They play loveshack
2 guys with cokes
It's 11:40

End Notes
After I was done writing I managed to get a few pictures of the things I described. One thing that struck is how poorly I did at recognizing things. This suggests that my descriptions are horribly incorrect to what actually happened. Oh well.

Finally, see if you can guess where I am!

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posted by Loki on November 23rd, 2008 6:29 PM


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posted by JJason Recognition on November 24th, 2008 8:30 AM


posted by susy derkins on November 23rd, 2008 9:16 PM

You had me at Cause I will always have more good ideas, but I'm never going to get this moment back.

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posted by rongo rongo on November 28th, 2008 3:18 PM

Excellent philosophy

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posted by Morte on November 24th, 2008 8:53 AM

AH!!! Cons!!!! Miss them!! Wanna go!!! *sigh* Can't wait till I can go to cons again. Hope you had fun there, and this is a wonderful write-up.