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Exquisite Dérive by Lincøln, Kate Saturday

August 28th, 2010 9:45 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Go on a walking journey and every fifteen feet draw a chalk arrow in the direction you're going. At the end of the trip, leave a big pile of chalk so a stranger can continue your journey.


Walk a short route alone, then send a collaborator the last segment of your trip so that they can pick up where you left off. You may complete this in separate cities by using more generic instructions (e.g. walk three blocks, then turn left). Finally, walk the complete route you and your collaborators have created.

Kate Saturday to Lincoln:

ok so here's how you get to the river of stars:

go out your door and cross the street. follow the wall. when you run out of wall walk towards the main drag.
at the garden, turn towards your old haunts.
pass a dinosaur, a bear (or "bear,") a center of community, and a prime hang-out spot.
once outside known territory, go uphill.
at the wide shoulder, turn in a sinister direction.
pass the vinyards.
hop the gate.
continue uphill until you are there.
return and tell me what you've seen.

Lincoln to Kate Saturday:

And here's how you get to the stars:

Start at the big movie theater near the farmer's market, leave there and walk towards the park.

Go towards the cool old movie theater that plays themed double features.

Continue uphill and go towards the touristy part of town.

Follow the stars and go to the para-sutro and turn right.

Go to the Moscow Bear and go up the hill into the park.

Head towards the cafe at the end of the universe and you'll know you're there where you see the monument with the four statues in the base and the huge dome.

Enjoy this place and all you see there.

Kate Saturday's Dérive (Exquisite):

I live far from Lincoln. Not as far as the moon, but farther than i can yell or drive to yell. So in order to understand Lincoln, i have to map his world onto my own. First, geographically.
Before beginning i had a choice. there are three big movie theaters near me, two of them by a farmer's market. I chose the nearer-to-market one, fyi.
Next i thought "what would Lincoln do?" i took my shoes off. It's 102º outside, so i packed extra water. ok. good start.
I biked to the theater along a new section of creek trail. I had many adventures, including the most self-incriminating grafitti and a sneaky bus. (Q: how does a 10' tall bus hide in the orange trees? A: see photo.) in the interest of brevity and leaving space for Lincoln, my story really begins with the theater.

Lincoln's Dérive (Exquisite):
I was house-sitting when I got her email and was sent on my way. And I found the wall she was talking about straight away. Like kate, I decided to tell my story in the pictures. But before we get into that, I must say that I had some preconceived ideas about where I would end up on this dérive, because it was all written out for me before I started. So I thought I knew where each place would be and where it would take me, and for the first few I was right. But I just didn't expect to take so long to find the garden. And the hours upon hours it took to find that damned dinosaur. Or that I would have to use clever thinking to get past the dinosaur. I certainly didn't imagine it would end the way it ended.
Like Kate, I also rode my bike. And a good thing too, walking the 16 miles this route took me in the 100° weather would have been rough.

+ larger

sneaky bus
The theater by the farmers' market.
the street leading to the park was incredibly wide and unfriendly.
I couldn't resist.
I searched and searched for the bears.
The stars were still guiding me.
Once past the cafe, i noticed a clue.
These were really loud when you stepped on them!
No dome.
Vampire rabbit
Little baby lizards
strange fruit
I walked out my door
The wall
The wall
Wood wall runs out
The wall ends
Not towards the main drag
Towards the main drag
The garden?
Main drag
My parasutro on the main drag
I decide to turn away from the main drag
This is clearly a garden
Another garden
Another garden
Oh man
The garden
The bear!
Prime hang out spot
Center of community
Center of community
Center of community
Not a dinosaur
Not a dinosaur
Not a dinosaur
Wait a minute...
Widest intersection in the world
Wide intersection
Not very sinister
Not at all sinister
A gate
Other side of the gate
That covered cabaña was kinda uphill
Not a river of stars.
River of stars?
Bear Sinister
Pocket directions

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(no subject)
posted by Kate Saturday on August 28th, 2010 10:21 PM

Lincoln, i must give you mad props for hopping fences in heavily-defended territory. You are twelve kinds of manly.

exquisite allright, starting from (or a "bear")
posted by susy derkins on August 29th, 2010 8:48 AM

Can Kate be any more lovely? Crush in progress...
I love you guys, getting this together not only from sorta distant geographies but from widely distant perspectives, brave you are indeed.

(no subject)
posted by Kate Saturday on August 29th, 2010 6:27 PM

it's the apartest togetherness!

I know you are, but what am i? <3

oh man Susy do you want to collaborate on something even aparter?

(no subject)
posted by artmouse on September 7th, 2010 10:03 AM

vote for taking off your shoes to really get in tune with lincoln's instructions ;)