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Human Trafficking by Lincøln, Waldo Cheerio, Tac Haberdash, Ben Yamiin

March 30th, 2010 4:37 PM / Location: 34.054629,-118.2570

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a system to reduce traffic in a particular area


Create a system to amuse those caught in traffic.

We chose the "Create a system to amuse those caught in traffic." part.

It happened unexpectedly when Tac juggling seemed to amuse and entertain people caught in traffic.
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With that knowledge in hand we came back the next day, this time armed with signs. Signs designed to amuse.
(this one is pretty long, none of us will be offended if you stop it early)
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Although traffic did slow down to a pretty good clip, we quickly exhausted our options for entertaining this sort of traffic:
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If you skipped through our experiments, here are the Arthur Murray dance steps version of our findings:
1) Truckers prefer Cake to Pie
2) More people will honk for "ǝpıɔıns" than for "suicide pie"
3) Even more people will honk for just plain ol' "honk for", but kind of half-heartedly.
4) "sex pie" is best at getting passengers to honk the horn against the will of their driver.

So with grander success in entertainment on our minds we sought out a place infested with more dire traffic needs.
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We tried dancing to amuse them.
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We even tried long form comedy with those caught in traffic.
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Then, at the end of that last video there, we stumbled upon the idea that was the winner.
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With that, we ran off into the night.
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As of this writing, the sign is still up on the overpass and Tac has been fielding calls since. On Tuesday, a caller asked him to sing a song, and Tac performed a rousing rendition of "What is Love" until the caller hung up. Also of interest, Tac's message on his phone is a message redirecting the caller to Lincoln's phone. So even if Tac can't answer his phone, it redirects to Lincoln.

Also, we check on the sign every day, and intend to replace it if it ever gets taken down or becomes illegible.

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Sex Cake Pie LAØ
We discover it is easy to amuse motorists
The making of the signs.
The making of the signs.
The next day
New location
Honk for...
Overpass entertainers.
What's brown and green and if it falls out of a tree it'll kill you?
Long form
Making a freeway sign
Bored in traffic?
Freeway Entertainment Service
The End
Sex Cake Pie Face

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14 comment(s)

(no subject)
posted by Picø ҉ ØwO on March 30th, 2010 5:09 PM

Amazing. I think most major cities need a phone-joke service.

In related news, I dig Tac's Katamari shirt.

(no subject)
posted by rongo rongo on March 30th, 2010 6:13 PM

That is truly a super duper traffic amusement system.

(no subject)
posted by artmouse on March 30th, 2010 7:13 PM


(no subject) +2
posted by Tac Haberdash on March 30th, 2010 8:21 PM

I don't know if anyone told you, but we invented suicide pie. You bake every kind of pie you can think of, you eat most of each pie, and then you bake all of the remainders into one SUICIDE PIE.

(no subject)
posted by artmouse on March 30th, 2010 8:49 PM

oh i am very aware, and we have just planned - nigh five minutes ago - to host a Suicide Pie and Ugly Cake party.

(Ugly Cake is an Aggressive Funster tradition, dating back to 2008)

Over-zealousness or cross-contamination could cause this to result in PIE SUICIDE. ~Waldo +1
posted by Waldo Cheerio on March 30th, 2010 9:18 PM

I would love to see this actually done.

(no subject)
posted by Jellybean of Thark on April 1st, 2010 12:20 AM

You bring that cake near me and I'll scream.

(no subject)
posted by Minch on March 31st, 2010 5:58 PM

Vote for the return of Tac.
Vote for Suicide Pie.
Vote for making me want to eat suicide pie.
(i haz no pie. i haz teh sadz.)

(no subject)
posted by Tac Haberdash on April 2nd, 2010 1:23 AM

If you are coming to SF any time soon we can remedy your unfortunate pie situation (or should i say PIE-DICKAMENT???)

(no subject)
posted by Minch on April 2nd, 2010 9:12 AM

I live in Austin now. You should visit Austin. SFØ should make a mass trip to task in Austin...
and to make suicide pie.

(no subject)
posted by teucer on April 2nd, 2010 10:35 AM

If I am ever in Austin I will be sure to let you know. And while I am not any good at making pie crusts, given those made by others I do turn out some pretty good pies including a top-notch key lime and (when there are good pears in season) a pretty bitching pear tart. So if I find myself able to head that way, I would be happy to attempt suicide pie with you.

(no subject)
posted by Tac Haberdash on April 2nd, 2010 7:34 PM

Holy shit guys i feel an epic pie collaboration coming on. We could have like a straight up pie convention, where EVERYONE BRINGS A PIE and then the only rule is EVERYONE EATS PIE and then when the pies are all nearly consumed, we mash up the remainders into a massive lovely wonderful SUICIDE PIEEEEEEE.

I could really get behind this.

(no subject) +1
posted by Peter Garnett on May 16th, 2010 2:12 PM


(no subject)
posted by susy derkins on April 4th, 2010 1:36 PM

Truly great.
except that's even close to caught in traffic, c´mon...