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rehsamsevoL Lovesmasher
Field Researcher
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Ariadne Unemployed by rehsamsevoL Lovesmasher, Indy, MsGoblinPants Extraordinaire

July 19th, 2010 1:20 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Play in a labyrinth.

MsGoblinpants has an absurdly poor sense of direction. So poor that in order to know her left from her right, she makes "L"s with her hands. It's pitiful. But surely even she could learn to navigate a labyrinth meant for children?

To make this a bit more scientific, two controls were added: Indy, who pretty much never gets lost, and Redditor Lovesmasher, who can get lost, but rarely does.

After 90 minutes walking through a "Magiquest" maze, solving riddles and flicking a little plastic wand at props, the subjects rated their "mazing" ability.
On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5=could walk immediately to any part of the maze, with no wrong turns or hesitations, and 1=would wander aimlessly, here is how the subjects judged themselves:

Indy: 3 "I was astounded by the amount of re-tracing and forgetting I accomplished."

Lovesmasher: 3.51 "I require myself to be slightly better than others."

MsGoblinPants: 3.5 "The first half hour or so was confusing (I kept losing myself in the forest maze!), but by the second half hour I was zipping through. I think being able to use knights, fairy statues, dungeons, etc as points of reference really helped. If only the real world had clues like that!"

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An intimidating beginning.
2010-07-17 18.08.53.jpg
2010-07-17 18.04.19.jpg
2010-07-17 17.58.18.jpg
2010-07-17 17.59.00.jpg
2010-07-17 18.01.08.jpg
2010-07-17 18.01.39.jpg
2010-07-17 18.03.20.jpg
2010-07-17 18.05.31.jpg
2010-07-17 18.02.37.jpg
2010-07-17 18.03.02.jpg
2010-07-17 18.03.45.jpg
2010-07-17 18.05.39.jpg

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