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William Vervalsing
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Sneak. by William Vervalsing

March 6th, 2008 6:10 PM

Sneak into someplace you don't belong without being detected.


Move without being detected for an extended period of time.


Sneak up on somebody without them knowing it.

Whatever you do, put it to the test!
Example, if you choose to sneak up on somebody, make sure it's not your sleeping room-mate, make it an armored car guard, or a hunter in the woods.

I decided to have fun doing things undetectably with the use of my favorite recreational tool on earth; bubbles.

I went to the toy store on a Sunday afternoon and bought a brand new bottle of miracle bubbles for 74 cents.
I used some of them on my way home, making business people look at me with great disdain (I don't know what bothered them so much about bubbles) and saved the rest for Monday.
Come Monday, I packed the bubbles in my bag and went to school. The teacher started talking about something boring to which I payed no attention because I was busy drawing pictures (another undetected pastime), and then she went to her desk to flip through mysterious pages in colourful binders and scribble in them. Every time she looked away, I blew about 20 bubbles, sometimes more, and hoped that they all popped before she looked back. I probably blew a total of about 400 bubbles before calling it quits, and she was none the wiser. This was particularly difficult because once I blew the bubbles, it was all up to them, one nearly blew all the way over to her desk before miraculously popping in mid air at just the right moment.
I had the whole class giggling under their breath by the time I was finished, and I think I brought joy to at least 12 people's days.

I'm sorry I don't have any photographs, but madly snapping away with a large camera would be a bit short of stealthy if I do say so myself.

And by the way, I urge all of you to go and blow bubbles, stealthily or not. I guarantee it will be a very liberating and joyous experience for you and everyone around you. In fact, I think I'll make it a task (not that I expect it to go through).


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Miracle bubbles

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posted by The Duchess on March 7th, 2008 10:30 AM

I wish you had pictures but I love bubbles, so a vote for that!

(no subject)
posted by Aurora on March 9th, 2008 5:18 PM

I wouldn't have had the guts or trusted the teacher enough (that she would keep her head down instead of watching the students) to complete this with bubbles! Great creativity! (and yes, business people tend to need more sunshine in their lives... many of them don't even smile at me when I pass them with a smile on the street!)

(no subject)
posted by William Vervalsing on March 9th, 2008 5:35 PM

Yeah, I'm very glad I didn't get caught. My teacher is an unpleasant person to deal with when she's angry (or at any other time for that matter).

And blowing bubbles should be a mandatory part of every businessman's career.