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The Sweet Cheat Gone by Orion

February 13th, 2007 10:00 PM


Please read and comment if anything is unclear. You may also download these instructions, plus a map of the game area.

You must register in groups of 5 or less. Each member of your group will be assigned to either prosecution or defense. Note: your role is secret and should not be revealed to fellow players (unless it is your strategy to do so). The prosecution will attempt to prove the defendant’s guilt; the defense will attempt to prove the defendant’s innocence.

1. With your group, collect as many unique pieces of photographic evidence as you can.
2. Individually, render inadmissible any evidence that doesn’t support your side. For instance, if you’re a prosecutor you’ll want to render innocence evidence inadmissible.

Photographic evidence is hidden in various locations around the city. Some pieces of evidence contain clues which will lead to other locations. Use these clues and the map provided to find all the locations in the game. Each piece of evidence you find will point to either innocence or guilt, as indicated by the following symbols:

At the end of the game we will tally two scores: your group’s score, and an overall prosecution and defense score.

Group Score: Your group receives one point for each unique piece of evidence (photograph) collected. Your group will not receive points for any duplicate photos. We have a limited number of photos, so please take only one of each photo. The group with the most points at the end wins.

Prosecution And Defense Score: When your group reaches the final checkpoint we will count the total number of innocent and guilty images you have collected. If your group has more innocent images than guilty images, your group’s vote will be counted as innocent. If your group has more guilty images than innocent images, your group’s vote will be guilty. In the event of a tie, your group’s vote will be determined by a real lawsuit. By tallying the group votes in this structural-legal manner we will determine, beyond a shadow of a reasonable doubt, the verdict, and thus the always-already inescapable fate of our heroine.

Scattered throughout the map are Notaries capable of rendering your evidence inadmissible. Inadmissible evidence will still count to your group’s score, but will no longer count towards your group’s vote of innocent or guilty. Rendering evidence inadmissible is very important, as it allows you to build your case for prosecution or defense without destroying evidence that would contribute to your group’s score. Before rendering evidence inadmissible, the notary will ask if there are any objections from those present. If there are no objections, the evidence will be rendered inadmissible. Thus, a visit to the notary is best done in secret. One notary is above the freeway, one is by a hospital, and one is at the final checkpoint.

At some locations you will find friendly SFZero agents who will give you pieces of evidence or clues to help you find all the locations. You may also encounter enemy SFZero agents who, if they catch (tag) you, have the power to destroy your evidence or delay your progress. If you are caught by enemy agents you are required to do whatever they ask of you. Enemy agents will wear masks.

All teams must bring their evidence to the end point by 12:00. Locations will be unmanned after 11:00, at which point the only active notary will be at the end point.

The Sweet Cheat Gone ends with a party on Terry Francois Blvd. You can find the exact location of the party and more specific directions on your map. Feel free to show up at the party whenever you like, and to invite friends. We’ll be offering drinks in exchange for a reasonable donation (so bring some cash).

No cars or taxis - bikes, feet, and public transportation are OK.
No player killing.



Arrived at the warehouse with Myndi and Ian ready to get to work: there was a lot of cleaning to be done. After moving refrigerators and ovens and rusted unicycles around the warehouse, we took some time to explore. The Bay here was beautiful, even in the grey, and the docks and rusted ships were almost perfectly placed. Shoved some photos into ziplock bags in preperation for the inevitable rain and received our briefing: Myndi and I were to await players
in the "Mysterious Intersection" of 7th and Hooper, a cemented patio to the shanty town beneath the interstate at the end of Mission Creek Canal.

Our job was to hand evidence to players and point them to a second piece of evidence hidden in a receptacle nearby. Players were also to be pointed towards the hospital if they seemed lost...and they were to be given what answers we had regarding other clues if they asked cleverly enough. Lexington, anyone?


We bought some random junk at Walgreen's to give out as contraband, just for the heck of it, curious to see what sort of meaningless significance players mght attach to our little red herrings. Anything from meaningless bags of candy to clues that might point players to other locations (DVD's of "Heartbreak Hospital," for example) was to be had. We bagged it and drove to our location...only to find it under construction! A team of workers was hard at work at
the very spot we were to stand, sparks flying and hammers jackhammering...but the rain eventually chased them away. We were not so easily deterred. We crawled out of Myndi's car and under the dark and dirty Freeway to await the players. We were not alone: a number of San Franciscans call the intersection home and their presence
grew noticeably as the night went on. I slapped on a headlamp for light and Myndi wielded an umbrella...we had quite a night ahead of us.

The Game
Our first players were there to greet us as we emerged from the car, catching us totally unprepared. They were a solid half an hour ahead of any other team, easily. We gave them their evidence and watched, impressed, as they bolted away. Soon, Rubin gave us a call and worked up a system to hide across the street and terrorize folks who'd received our clue. Myndi and I played our roles--we settled upon scared supporters of The Suspect--and offered cryptic clues to hidden evidence and vague warnings about the presence of evil agents. It never got old watching Rubin pounce from the darkness to scare folks...demanding that they "dance" to appease his sick whims.

The highlight of the night must have been when Piratey Monkey, having freshly pulled a plastic bottle of bubbles Myndi had relabeled as "Anthrax" from our little grab bag, logically deduced that the bottle had been given to her as a weapon to be used for protection. As Rubin approached, she pulled the cap off of the bubbles
and answered his demands to "DANCE!" with a violent splash of soap and water, dousing Rubin in "Anthrax" as we looked on. Hilarious.


Throughout the night, we were reminded of how dangerous our little hideout reputedly was. A Caltrain officer who drove by no less than seven or eight times throughout the night came to tell us that a woman had been raped and murdered exactly where we'd been standing not long before. He asked us, with genuine concern, if we thought it was smart to be out where we were "given our skin color." His concern was genuinely appreciated....but somewhat unsettling. As the night went on, we noticed more and more people moving to camp beneath the Freeway...the mood was so tense that Cam and Al gae managed to scare the crap out of me as they made their approach, hoods down and marching confidently. Adding to the danger was the fact that the tracks we were standing near were live CalTrain tracks, something some of the players might not have considered with the way they ran across them to escape Rubin. I'm glad things went as well as they did.


Eventually, we saw somewhere near 30 folks through our little intersection and made it on to the party. Tales were told, hands were warmed, and faces were painted. Rumor has it there was even singing and dancing...and even some cool, clear weather next to the water. Fantastic.

- smaller

Broken Docks

Broken Docks

The docks outside of the warehouse were in disrepair.

The Bay

The Bay

It really was a beautiful place.

Cleaning the warehouse

Cleaning the warehouse

There was a lot of cleaning to do to make this place party-ready.



When we first arrived, we thought construction might make our location an impossibility. That proved a lie.

Well lit?

Well lit?

The Mysterious Intersection doesn't exist...yet.

7th and Hooper

7th and Hooper

The Intersection that isn't.

Waiting in the darkness

Waiting in the darkness

From the shadows we'd pounce

Follow the tracks

Follow the tracks

Head south and you might find the hospital...

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posted by Jackie Hasa on February 13th, 2007 10:32 PM

isn't this the kind of thing people go on reality tv shows to see how long they can stay without freaking out?

maybe you make hanging out at that intersection lucrative.