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Seeing Beyond Sight Photo Challenge by Jane McGonigal, Kiyash M, robin sloan, Love Mercenary, Kris Tian

November 3rd, 2007 7:05 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Seeing Beyond Sight has partnered with SFZero to challenge you to see the world differently - with more than your eyes.

Welcome new users: SFZero is an ongoing game in which you can choose to participate (or not) after you do the Seeing Beyond Sight Challenge.

Click here for new user registration.

1. Blindfold yourself.
(wear shades or tape your eyes shut)

2. Go out in public and make your way in the world.
(go 1 block, 1 hour or 1 roll of film; go with a friend or alone; make up your own process)

3. Photograph things you notice. And, just notice.
(What do you notice differently about objects, people, actions, interactions?)

4. Embrace the whole experience as much as the picture taking.
(Engage. Have a conversation with people you encounter. Take it all in.)

5. Share your story.
(For each photograph write a caption about your experience - a few lines or several paragraphs if you want.)

6. Challenge some friends to do it.
(email them the link:

Please don't post all the pictures from your shoot, but chose 1 to 3 that are the best images or are most telling of your experience. Caption the photos describing something about your experience - that is as important as the image itself. Longer stories are welcomed and may be added to

If you depend on your eyes to get around, then it is hard not to use them. Although you can tell us about how difficult it is to be blind, focus more on what you noticed about the world as you embarked on this journey.

This experience isn’t about blindness – it is about seeing, noticing and paying attention with more than your eyes.

This challenge was inspired by SEEING BEYOND SIGHT: PHOTOGRAPHY BY BLIND TEENAGERS, a new book published by Chronicle Books.

Six of us set out to see beyond sight on a Friday evening, in the Castro district.

We brought a blindfold, a camera for the seer-beyond-sight, and another camera to document the seeing-beyond-sight.

We each took turns leading the blindfolded seer to different viewpionts -- street corners, benches, storefronts, allies, and more.

From our viewpoints, each of us took three blindfolded pictures, for a total of 18. I'm uploading some of our favorites.

This was an amazing adventure!

Most of us felt that our third photograph (we each took 3) was the best... we must have settled into beyond vision and really pulled out the stops at the end.

My favorite overall is Kiyash's self-portrait. He was actually dancing on the street corner as he took his photos -- there was a great musician playing, and Kiyash let the music direct his photography. I think he definitely shone the most of all of us on this mission!

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November 2007 052.jpg
November 2007 057.jpg
November 2007 066.jpg
November 2007 077.jpg
November 2007 091.jpg
November 2007 074.jpg
November 2007 229.jpg
November 2007 218.jpg
November 2007 219.jpg
November 2007 220.jpg
November 2007 224.jpg
November 2007 228.jpg
November 2007 230.jpg
November 2007 237.jpg
November 2007 239.jpg
November 2007 241.jpg

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This is a peculiar.