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Leave Clues by BlackCracker

December 14th, 2012 11:30 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Leave clues.

The back story

The plan started about a week ago, i started to think of what i could put in Ashleys bed(Karthoum is in the room) but, while it would have been funny to put a strip of condoms in her bed, i thought i would leave clues instead. Ashley is whipped and i dont just mean by her boyfriend shell do things for anyone. She also has a pillow pet turtle that she is obsessed with.

Today i started making post it notes to leave around the resident hall. They were all over my laptop, because i was in the kitchen and didnt want her walking out and seeing them. She did almost see them except when she left her room she walked towards the kitchen and then someone distracted her(Whew, luck).


Then i planted the notes all over the hall etc.
First note - on her door - reads " You have been chosen. Accept your fate. GO (left arrow-right arrow)
Note two and three - both ends of the hall - reads " left arrow, right arrow.

Now their are four paths.

Note 1 path 1 - left - down stairs - through exit - into shaft - look up - nothing here back to start.

Note 1 path 2 - right- this is a freezer all you will find is food (keep going) - Look inside (or not) its an oven - nothing here back to start

Note 2 path 1 - left- this is a janitors closet WTF (go inside) - nothing here back to start

Note 2 path 2 - right - mail room or laundry room, may you find treasure inside - nothing here back to start

Now when she goes back to her room she will find notes that read " by decree of the post-it-notes you have been deemed whipped - also sheldon is in heaven.


When Ashley found out that her precious sheldon had been stolen their was an instant look of sadnees and then determination. She was informed that sheldon was not in her room but was safe. She went into the kitchen to check in the fridge(?) and freezer(?) then on top of the cabinets and finally she turned back to go to her room and looked up to find sheldon suspended by a rope 10 feet above her head. I, of course had to get it down because i wouldnt be able to live if she got hurt because of me.

- smaller



This is Sheldon in "Heaven"

The Plan

The Plan

it doesnt have everything but ill fill you in.

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posted by Pixie on December 17th, 2012 10:19 AM

I like your use of stikies