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Create Art "Under the Influence" by BugZillah

January 30th, 2013 1:26 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Make any form of art under the influence of your choice!
Though being "high on life" is not acceptable, feel free to be creative. Provide photos (or whatever media is appropriate) of your artwork, and photos of you drinking/smoking etc.
If you collaborate, please, no peer pressure.


I actually spotted this task a while ago (whilst still ineligible to sign up for it) and it made me think: This is something I've done before, not whilst tasking, just because it seemed like fun.

The medium? Music, electronic music specifically. There is something truly amazing about the fact that a person with a laptop (or even a phone these days) can pluck music from their mind which exists nowhere else and make it real.

This isn't the first time I've got wonky before getting funkay, however I do believe that the successful fostering of most artistic processes is a balance between creativity and organization: I find this unbalancing of the mind helps creativity but completely boggles my ability to organize anything because I become totally focused on the trees despite the woods.

With that in mind, I decided early on that I needed a process where I could do the creative bits intoxicated, and manage this work sober. Ableton Live is the perfect tool for this: It allows you to compose music as riffs without worrying about arranging and tracking. That meant that I could get stoned and simply focus on how the separate elements sounded, knowing that I could sort out the mess I'd made whilst all nice and sober.

Unfortunately, whilst initially composing this song I did not think to take photos, but it did give me an idea: The riffs are composed intoxicated and they have been arranged sober, there are elements of the track which could do with a lead melody which I could perform over the track as a whole whilst intoxicated. This would give me the photo opportunity I needed.

And so that brings us to today's task...


This is my guitar, which I recently fitted with a MIDI pickup- The plan? To use it to trigger sounds from a synthesizer (see below).


So, with the instrument selected I prepared the program to record me playing it.

And then I imbibed the sinister substance.


The part I recorded in this session was the high-pitched thereminesque whistle you can hear over most of the track.

You can hear it at (inserting it as a link didn't work for some reason)

The finished result isn't exactly easy listening, but what do you want from someone off their nut?

There you have it. One thing though: This song still needs a name, and any suggestions in the form of comments would be both welcomed and appreciated.

- smaller

Arrangement Screenshot.png

Arrangement Screenshot.png

The arrangement window for the track. The highlighted track is the one I'm about to record to.



My toxic eye. Note the red hue.

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