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Dead Cube
Level 7: 2594 points
Last Logged In: October 6th, 2016
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Dead Cube

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posted by Dead Cube on July 3rd, 2014 1:46 PM

I've decided to just make my final choice. I keep trying to come back in new ways, and they never end up working. I just think it's time to lay my tasking career to rest. I will never forget the support you gave me, and I'll always be thankful.

posted by Dead Cube on December 13th, 2013 8:56 PM

Oh, that's unfortunate. Oh well, thank you anyway.

posted by Dead Cube on December 13th, 2013 11:00 AM

Very good! Though, I'm compelled to ask, how did you manage to upload image files?

posted by Dead Cube on October 26th, 2013 8:36 AM

Thank you very much! And believe me, it was incredibly stressful. I won't be faking my death again any time soon.

posted by Dead Cube on October 14th, 2013 6:41 PM

Yes it was. Thank you for your patronage.