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Praxis (Completed Tasks)

Genuinely free, self-conscious, authentic activity as opposed to the alienated labour demanded under capitalism.

i transplanted this plant from my backyard. it currently resides in the tullys cafe on carl and cole. hopefully it enjoys its new home.

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Saucy Tales by PDØ Clementine October 22nd, 2010 9:01 PM

Once upon a time, there was a great love. It was reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet or of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. It was a beautiful thing, full of devotion, commitment, and common interests. It was the love between a girl and a large pot of twirl...

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Ah, the classic "we don't have imagery at this zoom level" message. It only shows up when Google Maps can't find what you're looking for. The message robs the location of all sense of place, reducing it to a dull gray void with a bit of text on. Wher...

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Everyday Life by The Beekeeper October 21st, 2008 6:32 PM

Based on my interpretation of the instructions I inferred that not participating in school or work should rightfully be on a day when the event actually occurs. Thus, I arrived at Friday morning and shrewd beeping of my various alarm clocks. I popp...

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Information Insertion by Mischa May 4th, 2012 11:21 AM

Female. Depaul alum. Japanese Studies. Awesome individual.

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The Highest Place by Christen Dodson January 24th, 2009 8:18 PM


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My workplace doesn't have a lunchroom or any other likely place, so I put this up in the laundry room of my apartment complex. It's a HUD complex, so as part of the United States' commitment to upholding the rights on the document, I thought it kind...

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Things You Can Run Through by Sam Boland April 10th, 2011 9:00 PM

Last night, someone filled up the fountain outside of my dorm with foam and bubbles. I ran through it, and then proceeded to frolick around campus dripping wet.

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Saucy Tales by Jill March 15th, 2010 6:28 PM

When I visited New Mexico, last May, for a friend's wedding, we ate at the most amazing New Mexican breakfast/diner joint. I had the most incredible chile sauce of my entire life. You can buy their frozen chile sauce by the half gallon. I did so and ...

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The Arcane Ensconced by Guardian Of Flannel December 20th, 2008 11:47 AM

10,15,9,14-20,8,5-18,5,19,9,19,20,1,14,3,5! HINT: each number corresponds to...

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