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Praxis (Completed Tasks)

Genuinely free, self-conscious, authentic activity as opposed to the alienated labour demanded under capitalism.

World of Snorecraft by Quille Haze February 15th, 2012 3:51 PM

One I thought I knew A thing or two 'Bout who is who Simple to see Your eyes on me Hand on a knee Our laughter gay and free-- We be. But what we share, Although you care You're not aware How much it means, Though little it seems That you're still t...

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Eats, shoots and leaves by Kaiya Hope February 12th, 2012 2:10 PM

For this task I found flyers around campus that could use improvement.

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Player Portrait by Bach Mann February 12th, 2012 11:22 AM

OK, I feel the need to give some sort of disclaimer before unveiling my product to you. I am by no means an artist (but I have played one on TV). My wife is the one that enjoys painting and occasionally ropes me into it. Which, by the way, if anyone ...

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Hat That Makes Babe Happy by CM February 10th, 2012 6:49 AM

I have to admit, although I might be more "book smart" than my husband, he certainly is clever. When I found this task, I immediately had images of toilet paper and paper mache. I'm not much of an artist, but I miss a time when arts and crafts was ...

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Personification² by CM February 10th, 2012 6:26 AM

It seems like another lifetime ago when I bought my husband what I thought would be a great guy gift. I looked forward to belting out my soul while he banged on his drums all day. But now, the Rock Band drum set waits patiently in the corner, colle...

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This is a scar on my leg that I got from my dog Henry. It was dark outside and I was taking Henry and my roommate's dog, Dolche, for a walk. Henry gets a little jumpy at night so people walking always makes him want to run and bark at them. Dolche an...

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The Ukrainian Commemorative Spoon by CM January 31st, 2012 9:19 AM

Whilst I have never been to Ireland, my husband tells me that it is beautiful. Upon his return many years ago, he had memories of kissing the Blarney Stone, visiting the Cliffs of Moher, and above all, the Hoof and Mouth disease that closed the majo...

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Player Portrait by CM January 31st, 2012 8:40 AM

I wanted to pay tribute to my new friend, Sarah, so I decided that I would dedicate my drawing to her. However, as you can see, I am wanting of artistic ability, and she may outcast me after this spectacle.... Oh no...this is terrible! What can...

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Player Portrait by Kaiya Hope January 29th, 2012 11:31 AM

The assignment was to paint a fellow player. It said I could use any medium. I drew another player's profile photo for the task.

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Here's our stab at it. In hind sight, it's not the most publicly done, but it was fun to try and figure out how to do it.

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