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String was added to this tree. Why? Because there was no string there.

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We already had a bag of eggs from a previous task: We then took a small piece of candy and placed it an egg: We walked into a Starbucks and quickly located a woman with a large bag who looked like she needed something exciting that day. We ...

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While in a hardware store, we found some easter eggs. Clearly, this opportunity was too good to pass up. We wrote a... fortune onto a piece of paper: And for good measure included lucky numbers: We then entered Books Inc, and placed the...

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While walking around in laurel village, we noticed a plethora of information at eye level, but disappointingly little information on the ground. In order to remedy this horrendous disparity, we went and bought a package of chalk. We then began to m...

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Player Photograph by Ryan December 16th, 2010 9:50 PM

I support fractals!

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