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Please don't vote. This is not my work. My son made this video for his first assignment in a class he is taking. I am so proud of him I want to burst. Flag if you want but please watch, spread the link and help the views add up. I want it to go viral...

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Ace In The Hole by Pixie, Ty Ødin October 13th, 2011 8:02 PM

The goal: To create a fully playable game with cards that "featuring real-world desires, actions, people, objects, feelings, laws, or anything else. Use the deck by playing appropriate cards in appropriate situations in your real life." Pixie: "Hey ...

45 + 137 points :: 22 comments :: 28 votes :: 2 collaborators
Insanity is... by Bex., YellowBear August 29th, 2011 12:46 AM

Chapter 1: Why I hate (er, love) Jean Arp. Introduction. This piece of art, in my opinion, is unattractive and wanky: Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance Jean (Hans) Arp (1916) Torn-and-pasted paper on colored paper, 19 1/8 x 13 5/8"...

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Apparently, I did this on accident. The original plan was to get a group together to fight off pixie's beast during her capture. I sent out a message gathering people who would do the work to help her. "SFZerians, we are facing the strongest enemy...

125 + 10 points :: 13 comments :: 2 votes :: 4 collaborators
Go Get Em Tiger by Pixie August 8th, 2011 12:35 PM

This is 400 points of write up. As such, it will be long and full of personal details. Also note that there will not be many exciting pictures. Thats because sometimes, documentation interferes with one's ability to experience. If this is not enough ...

400 + 108 points :: 11 comments :: 22 votes

Not far from where I grew up, there's this cool lookout tower thing that is sadly locked up so you can't get to its roof, where the really good view is. Here's what it looks like: My cohorts and I decided to try to get up there, using nothing but...

45 + 35 points :: 0 comments :: 10 votes :: 2 collaborators
Ymir by Sam Archer August 3rd, 2011 11:42 AM

Was at Thrift Town and saw this kerosene lamp that was no longer in fit shape to hold kerosene, so of course I thought, terrarium! The first step was to seal up the wick hole with candle wax. Then I added pebbles, charcoal, and soil. On top of t...

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Multiple choice: select the true answer. Post Your answer in the comments. A) We were doing the whole tourist thing: grand canyon, hoover dam ending in Vegas. First stop Phantom Ranch overlooking the Colorado river. We had had reservations since ...

15 + 38 points :: 5 comments :: 8 votes
DIY Audio Book by Sam Archer July 21st, 2011 9:14 PM

I thought it would be fun to combine this task with another one, so I decided that once I'd made my audiobook, I would give it away by burying it for a friend along with some kind of thematically appropriate treasure. After a couple of trial runs ...

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Submitted for your approval: Tourist Infiltration. Most of these photographs were taken by fellow tourists; no two were taken by the same person. I always feel sort of nervous about starting conversations with strangers, especially when it's to ask...

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