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BART Psychogeographical Association Biome EquivalenZ Humanitarian Crisis The University of Aesthematics Chrononautic Exploratorium S.N.I.D.E

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EACH GROUP IN THE GAME SFZERO HAS A MISMATCHED, heimlich UNHEIMLICH TRAJECTORY OF DESIRE, LIKE PROJECTILES1. Each group has access to a different set of tasks that relate to the aims and interests of the group. Choose a group whose desire most mirrors your own. GROUPS EXIST IN THE REAL WORLD.


The EquivalenZ project seeks to fulfill the originating fantasies of Virtual Reality.

The fantasy of equivalence is the endgame of virtual reality - a modeling so precise that virtual and real are indistinguishable.

EquivalenZ is that state of seamless equivalence.

True virtual reality cannot be achieved with faster processors and better video cards. The only way to make it exact is to start with the virtual and model the real on it: to model the real on the virtual.

BART Psychogeographical Association

The BART Psychogeographical Association explores the myriad transportation systems of San Francisco. Its members are concerned with freedom of movement and the structure of the city.

New members of the BARTPA should express an interest in public space, walking, neighborhoods, and the derive. They will not limit their concern to the circulation of things and of human beings trapped in a world of things. They will try to break these topological chains, paving the way with their experiments for a human journey through authentic life.

Humanitarian Crisis

The Humanitarian Crisis Group believes that the residents of the City are victims of a humanitarian crisis.

The group seeks to bring aid and relief in any way it can, often relying on charitable acts and public services. Members of this group are expected to navigate public spaces and identify (with) those in need of help.

They are also expected to hunt down the perpetrators of the crisis and bring them to the Hague where they will be tried and put to justice by an unbiased international criminal tribunal for crimes against humanity.


The Biome Group concerns itself with an exploration of the living structure of the City. This includes both physical objects and organisms. "Ecology" calls this a "biome."

We seek to develop an awareness of the organisms populating the City with special emphasis on their locations and identities. We are interested in the implications of pattern language, and the meanings of "being," "nature," "life," and the "environment." We call into question the concept of a "natural world" as an opposition to the anthropocentric world and deny the existence of "wilderness."

We also seek to develop a concrete eating bacteria and release it into the wild.

Society For Nihilistic Intent And Disruptive Efforts

S.N.I.D.E. is the Society for Nihilistic Intent and Disruptive Efforts. It is a coalition of pranksters, fools, and adversaries to order who wish to administer a wedgie to the world. Agents of S.N.I.D.E. act through the sole desire to reflect the system in a fun house mirror, to insert a rubber wrench into the cogs of our daily routine, and to show that everything is a game, and nothing is worth any more than the value it is attributed by the person perceiving it.

S.N.I.D.E.'s actions are devoid of dogmatic trappings and are not destructive - the system must continue to function, for without it we have nothing with which to meddle. Neither are they cruel, for if we alienate ourselves there will be no one around with which to play.

Chrononautic Exxon

Chrononautic Exxon declines the habit of past and future. Chrononauts travel through and across time, seeking splinters and twists in the flight of its arrow. We shape the present with relativity, simultaneity, paradox, immortality and ephemera. Members of this group should play to help the timebound reevaluate their living present.

The existence of rogue Chrononauts--counterrevolutionaries who subordinate and undermine time, stretch and bend moments until they collapse--is considered a rumor.

The University of Aesthematics

Aesthematicians devote themselves to the trinity of Technique, Appearance and Product.

Art informs and is informed by technique, specifically, techniques of producing meaning. Techniques: painting, discourse about experts, signatures, neighborhood appropriation and gentrification, museums, fashion, workplace art, drawing, anti-art, multimedia, "rediscovering" the body, depoliticization, illegality, personality, ambivalence.

As a factory of meaning, art is continually (re)equipped with the finest machines and the brightest managers. When new technology is released, art slots it in next to last year's model and turns it on. The managers optimize it to run at maximum efficiency.

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1 like a thousand illegal fireworks, accumulated over the years from roadside booths and backalley subalterns, set off all at once and flying every which-way, into the hearts of the crowd (you).