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The EquivalenZ project seeks to fulfill the originating fantasies of Virtual Reality.

Developed by Paragoogle Integrated Technologies, LLC, EquivalenZ is an utopic structure which frees the user from gender, race and body.

The user, while being freed from the body, is simultaneously returned to it, suddenly able to engage in acts of sex, combat and commerce without fear of reprimand or repercussion.

The fantasy of equivalence is the endgame of virtual reality - a modeling so precise that virtual and real are indistinguishable.

EquivalenZ is that state of seamless equivalence.

To achieve this state we work backwards. True virtual reality cannot be achieved with faster processors and better video cards. The only way to make it exact is to start with the virtual and model the real on it: to model the real on the virtual.

Whatever colors they may wear, these players have distinguished themselves by the number of tasks they have completed in the zone of EquivalenZ:


Added by Blue September 27th 2007 @ 10:52 pm

Create an autostereogram.
It had better not suck.

completions by: Prince Chaosti

level 2 :: 25 points :: 1 completed :: 2 in progress :: 7 comments

Seat Creation And Insertion Phase 1: Schematics

Added January 29th 2006 @ 8:41 pm

"The quality of any urban environment can be measured by whether there are convenient, comfortable places for pedestrians to sit."

Design a way to implement new, comfortable forms of seating in the city, or to convert an uncomfortable seating arrangement into a comfortable one.
You may start from scratch, or use already-existing seating schematics (like "The Bench") as a base for your work. In this phase you do not need to implement your system, only design it and begin to determine how it could be implemented.

completions by: susy derkins Burn Unit

level 3 :: 50 points :: 2 completed :: 7 in progress :: 3 comments

The Art Of Uselessness

Added by Bex. January 9th 2008 @ 6:55 pm

Design and manufacture a Chindogu invention, that is, an invention that seems like something you would want, but is actually laughably useless and ridiculous.

completions by: JK Bobbins Kyle Westwood Sardonicus Tweed Heinz Mustermann

level 2 :: 25 points :: 4 completed :: 9 in progress :: 11 comments


Added by mock piratey turtle May 30th 2006 @ 3:35 pm

Count or measure something that has never been counted or measured before. How many CDs can you label with one sharpie? How long does it take for all the ketchup to run out of the bottle? How many times does a trafic light change in an hour? How many licks does it taket to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

What do you wonder about? Find out and let us know.

completions by: Kate Saturday The C yoko ono Cameron Ty Ødin

level 2 :: 25 points :: 41 completed :: 9 in progress :: 2 comments

Bite The Transhumanist Bullet

Added by help im a bear May 21st 2008 @ 11:48 am

Improve Augment your senses or abilities with electronics. Going above and beyond existing tools is expected.

level 3 :: 50 points :: 0 completed :: 14 in progress :: 55 comments

Physical Representation Of A Virtual Occurrence

Added November 3rd 2005 @ 12:00 am

Create a public or semi-public physical representation of a virtual occurrence.

completions by: Spidere Raizekiel Malbrandt Mr. T. Flowen The C

level 3 :: 40 points :: 18 completed :: 11 in progress :: 7 comments
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