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Chrononautic Exxon
era group score: 10051
total group score: 21209
total players: 30

Chrononautic Exxon

Chrononautic Exxon declines the habit of past and future. Chrononauts and chronambulists travel through and across time, seeking splinters and twists in the flight of its arrow. We shape the present with relativity, simultaneity, paradox, immortality and ephemera. Members of this group should play to help the timebound reevaluate their living present.

Chrononauts know time as a familiar face and hands. We play with age and moment, day and night, cause and effect, speed and distance. We push time's influence to heady heights, resist now, savor then, or reverse these in their season. The Chrononaut's weapons are the clock and the calendar, contradiction and assent, and our mission is to stretch and make tangible the fourth dimension. Populations must be made more aware of its influence, dangers and capabilities.

Players consider it their sworn duty to remember the future, plan history, and update the timeline within and without.

The existence of rogue Chrononauts--counterrevolutionaries who subordinate and undermine time, stretch and bend moments until they collapse--is considered a rumor.

This group was created for Trajectory of Desire.

Whatever colors they may wear, these players have distinguished themselves by the number of tasks they have completed in the zone of Chrononautic Exxon:

Temporal Awareness Day

Added by Darkaardvark May 12th 2008 @ 8:01 pm

Time nonplayers engaged in an activity that is not usually timed. Afterward, let them know their time. You may want to offer suggestions on how they can improve that time in the future.

completions by: Shane Miro Ty Ødin N Mutans Ted Pro

level 2 :: 25 points :: 2 completed :: 23 in progress :: 4 comments

Trespassing The Future

Added February 9th 2008 @ 3:01 pm

Go to a place you will not be able to go to in 10 years; for instance, a place under development that will never be the same again.

completions by: Marshall Electric Lincøln Ink Tea Tøm Adam

level 1 :: 20 points :: 62 completed :: 130 in progress :: 3 comments


Added by Icarus September 11th 2008 @ 3:44 am

The law of entropy: a system tends to degenerate over time.

It is easy to shatter glass, but difficult to put it back together.
It is easy to create toast, but almost impossible to turn it back into bread.
It is easy to make mistakes. Destroy relationships. Regret choices.

But we know that time is flexible. Now undo.

completions by: Charlie Fish Burn Unit gh◌st ᵰⱥ₥ing Cthulhu Kitty Cookie

level 2 :: 30 points :: 17 completed :: 25 in progress :: 8 comments

Museum Of Artifacts From The Temporal Desert Of Disinterest

Added by Burn Unit November 9th 2008 @ 1:23 am

A newspaper from this morning is useful. A newspaper from 100 years
ago is interesting. A newspaper from ten years ago is garbage.

Your task, fearless Chrononaut, is to explore this phenomenon by curating an exhibition of material drawn from the nameless region that lies between utility and artifact. Include a detailed analysis that contextualizes each piece in relation to the other works and the culture and period in which they are embedded.

One piece of advice: be wary of nostalgia and eschew kitsch, for they will only lead you astray.

completions by: Markov Walker Cookie

level 3 :: 45 points :: 2 completed :: 10 in progress :: 4 comments

Forced-éjà Vu

Added by Dr. Subtle July 22nd 2008 @ 7:55 pm

Make a pedestrian or prosaic gesture which produces a physical artifact. Spill some milk. Crumple a newspaper. Open a book to a random page.

Produce an artifact identical to the first one, but deliberately. Pour (or eyedropper) milk to get a puddle of the exact shape and size as the first one. Crease a second newspaper with the exact creases of the first. Close the book and keep opening it and closing it until you find that same page.

Document, please!

completions by: Robert Warren cody Great President Dad Amoeba Man Elaine Sanderson

level 1 :: 15 points :: 6 completed :: 14 in progress :: 5 comments

The Future Of Days That Have Passed

Added by Blue October 23rd 2007 @ 8:10 pm

The future changes radically from one year to the next.

Every generations future is different.
What people thought the year 2000 would look like in 1950
is gravely different from what people thought it would look like in 1980.

Document how your life would look different if you lived in the future of the past.


level 4 :: 75 points :: 0 completed :: 4 in progress :: 9 comments
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