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Last Logged In: August 24th, 2009
TEAM: MNZero TEAM: 0UT TEAM: Real Name Humanitarian Crisis Rank 1: Peacekeeper Biome Rank 1: Hiker


I'm sorry SFZero. I have been experiencing some depression or something. All that big talk below is just kind of false I will be doing some tasking—I thought I had flipped the switch back on, but I hadn't for a number of reasons. I'm coming back. I've never left. I need to adjust my medications and get some sun.

Jon Stark Olsen
3026 Queen Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55411

Greetings fellow players: I think you can improve your praxis. Please do! If you've received some kind of constructive criticism from me, I don't apologize. I'm also not trying to be harmful. I've been playing SF0 for almost three years and I love it very much*. I want to encourage players new and old to keep playing and to push themselves to go further, think bigger, and be more detailed in documentation, if at all possible. If you think I talk a lot lately, know that I'm trying to come out of the woodwork a little more assertively with some of the recent praxes.

If you're grinding it out, ask yourself why. Asking and answering WHY, in the context of your proof, is going to improve your experience of play.

It will likely also get you more votes and more Score.

* fwiw, this is my other persona, and I've taken pains to play hard. So, accepting the risks of vanity, I hope my commentary has some credibility.

tree seven
spend a day barefoot
at present
Stark Couriers delivery van
where it is decided
Tree Ten
long lines!
up to and around twenty five or so
tree seven hollow

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posted by Stark on January 20th, 2009 8:02 AM

Okay, I do vote for six hours and for going Lincoln, even if it's indoors on a treadmill.
Do please tell us more — specifically I'm interested in the substance of what you did in Oblivion while you walked.

I want someone (dare I say everyone?) else to do outdoor interpretations, but there is nothing wrong with this choice.

posted by Stark on January 16th, 2009 6:41 AM

I do not mean such sentiment personally I just mean it in a general sense.

Repent ye inactives, the clarion is sounding "repent!"

posted by Stark on January 16th, 2009 6:39 AM

hilarious. seeing this praxis calls to mind all the other wonderful renditions of this task. gawds we have amazing friends.

posted by Stark on January 15th, 2009 8:47 PM

Thank you. I think that's a wonderful compliment and I appreciate it. Personally I do consider putting them near the homes of so many MN0 players without being seen to be the extra mile. LOL. If any of them ever play or log on again, they might notice this proof and enjoy. Unless their neighbors get there first in which case they'll just have to brood over their lost opportunity. . .

"your character never misses a connection..."

one of the dupont ave ones is literally in Oliver's front freaking yard

posted by Stark on January 15th, 2009 8:36 PM

That. Is what I'm talkin' about.