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Loøke Jr.
Level 6: 1503 points
Last Logged In: July 21st, 2017
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Metal Detector by Loøke Jr., Stefan Lund, elliot Matthews

April 10th, 2011 4:52 PM / Location: 44.915282,-93.25349

INSTRUCTIONS: Detect and pursue metal.

"Sounds fun, but how are we going to find any metal?"
"It's a legit thing!"

Once again, we find ourselves sitting around thinking of something to do. We hop right on the computer and start browsing through We see this task, but, well, darn us for not happening to have a metal detector just lying around. "Never fear!" we said, "We have Geomancy on our sides!" Now to those of you whom are unfamiliar, Geomancy is the harnessing of the earth's cosmic energy, similar in some ways to Feng Shui. We immediately set to work finding a good staff to harness the "energy of the earth". VOI LA! Next we meant to focus its cosmic energy with the locations of metals. Some "blessed" twine and metallic rock later, and we have our Geomantic staff!

Our search took us to the sacred Minnehaha stream. "It must be working" we all thought as the staff's pole swung to point to all the street signs and traffic lights we passed. Through mud and through trees, the staff pointed and we went.

However, after a long day of searching we only uncovered a couple diamonds, a few rubies, several dinosaur bones, and the occasional crashed spacecraft. All of which we promptly discarded of in the stream, having no use for them.

Notes for next time:
Check for any impurities in the rock before fusing it with the cosmic energy of the staff.

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