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New Player Guide


Play the game by completing tasks and proving that you have completed them. Each task has a set of instructions, a score, a required level, a group (or multiple groups) and a number of players. Your goal in SFZero is to complete tasks according to the instructions, using your creativity, skills, guile, and imagination. Once you complete a task and submit your proof, you will earn points equal to the score of that task. By earning points, you go up in level and gain access to more tasks, as well as other, undisclosable features of the game. If you can't sign up for a task it means that you are not at the required level. You must complete more tasks at your current level in order to LEVEL UP!

Guidelines (tips for new players)

  1. Document your tasks well! The more pictures you take and the more thorough and interesting your descriptions, the more other players will appreciate your cool task completion.
  2. Choose a few easy tasks that strike your fancy (you can always find a list of suggested tasks on your updates page) and take a shot at them right away. You'll be surprised at how fun and strangely satisfying the game can be.
  3. Make a few new tasks of your own. Think of interesting things you've always wanted to do, or things you'd like to see someone else do, or personal actions or experiences you feel other players would enjoy doing or having. SFZero is at its best when you're not only playing it, but also creating it. Plus, think of how excellent it will be when a stranger completes your task!
  4. Make friends or foes. If you see a player you know, or whose task completions you like, add them as your friend. And collaborate with them! Working on tasks together with other players is possibly the most fun you can have in SFZero. All it really takes is a nice message and a meet-up time. Don't be shy; it's not rocket science.
  5. Don't be intimidated by the task completions of other players. No task is ever completed so well that it doesn't need to be done again by you, in a novel way.