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rongo rongo
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Damocles Coulage by rongo rongo

May 12th, 2007 5:55 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Create a "sword of damocles" object or device which, when activated, results in an automatic sculpture. (a word about coulage)

Display your coulage and solicit critique.

Bonus points for performing ceromancy upon the results. Mega bonus points if your ceromancy comes true (no faking!).

After several unworkable designs, I settled on scheme using a candle, a ramp, an orange, some rubber bands, duct tape, and a bottle of butter. The bottle of butter also contained a hot water balloon (to reduce the necessary volume of butter, and to keep the butter melted). The candle burned through a string suspending the orange over the ramp, and the orange pushed the bottle over, pouring butter out of a small hole into a bowl of water.

With the help of my friend Moussie, I spotted six shapes in the coulage: a bird, dancers, eyeballs, a king on a throne, a tree, and a dustpan. Using a ceromancy list, these seemed to correspond closest to: a bird, a witch, a ball, nothing, a tree, and a broom. Thus, my predictions are BIRD - News will reach you soon WITCH - Danger will pass you by BALL or BALLOON - Your problem will not last very long TREE - A good time for new undertakings BROOM - Make a change.

I will update this entry to report on whether these predictions come true.

Predictions update: May 15
Nope, nothing yet. I mean, I got my daily newspaper delivered as usual (news will reach you soon) but that probably doesn't count as news, plus it happens every day. I avoided getting run over while biking to work (danger will pass you by) despite some driver's attempts, but that also happens pretty frequently so doesn't count. I paid for lunch with exact change (make a change) but that's also a common occurance.

Predictions update: May 25
Here's the status. Assuming that "soon" means within a week or two, I'll declare that no news other than newspapers reached me soon. I was not hit by anything particularly dangerous, so any danger might have passed me by, but may also have just not existed. My set of problems is pretty much the same, but it is unclear what time frame would qualify as very long. I did try a new activity, which is sort of like an undertaking, and it was great. "Make a change' is one of those annoying fortunes that is not a prediction but rather unsolicited advice. I have continued to make change for cash purchases, but not really a change. Although I did finally gather up six pairs of old shoes to donate, so perhaps the elimination of old footware is a change.

Update: December 30
Believe it or not, those old shoes were in the trunk of my car until last week, when I finally succeeded in dropping them off, along with some clothes, in a donation box. So I can say that though it may have been a good time to make a change of shoes in May, it took me over six months to pull it off.

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a conversation transcript
posted by Burn Unit on May 12th, 2007 6:55 PM

Me: oh somebody did my task!
Wife: oh?
Me: somebody did my coulage ceromancy task! and they did it in the most lunatic way!
Wife: the only words I understood you say just now are "lunatic" and "task".
Me: [cackle!]
Wife: serious.
Me: coulage is... (blah blah blah)

Awesome. I was thinking about using a candle to burn through also! wonderful! Is Moussie the person you solicited critique from? I mean, it sure sounds like it. I feel like I can see a bird in that one, yes. And maybe dancers. Do you have more pix of the shapes?

So good. I love the plans, too. Do you feel like the turmeric gave you better color as planned?

light a candle
posted by rongo rongo on May 12th, 2007 7:23 PM

After some thought, it seemed like a candle made more sense than a catapault, given the Damocles reference. Plus, I couldn't get a controllable catapault, and the orange was getting punished.

Turmeric was definitely good. I pilot tested with plain butter, and wasn't getting enough visibility of the shapes.

Moussie's critique of the coulage itself was that it smelled like food but he didn't want to eat it after knowing that it had been in contact with a hot water balloon. I had to agree.

I'll try adding more pix of the shapes with labels...will be curious if anyone else agrees with the labels.

posted by Ziggy C. on May 12th, 2007 10:03 PM

Excellent work. This reminds me of an old computer game called "The Incredible Machine"...

posted by GYØ Ben on July 17th, 2007 10:21 AM

T.I.M. is the best thing to happen to DOS since... well, ever.

(no subject)
posted by Laura on November 29th, 2007 4:38 PM

This completion contains two of my favorite things: Rube Goldberg devices and Vitamin Water. I only wish I could vote for it more than once.

(no subject)
posted by High Countess Emily on December 29th, 2007 8:06 AM