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Doodle Derive by Developer Pixie

August 6th, 2010 12:52 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Cast aside your normal motivations for drawing. Draw things that attract you on things that attract you.

I drew something that attracts me on something that attracts me with something that attracts me

Or maybe sculpted something that attracts me out of things that attract me on things that attract me

Whatever the case, there was hella attraction going on (as those in Southern California would say it)

Things i'm attracted to:

1) Bright Colors!

I love bright colors. Oh my goodness! If anyone knew me/cared about me when i had my first player photo up, they would agree that i like rainbows a ton!! Rainbows also signify diversity of every kind (to me anyway.) Long story short, i'm very drawn to them...

2) Ice-cream

Guys, this should be pretty self explanatory

3) Red food coloring

My prom dress was red. If i had to pick just one color, it would be red. Red is passion, red is fire... Red is the dress i wear when i'm fire-dancing... Red has some pretty fun and awesome symbolism for me...

4) Butterscotch

Yum!! (again, fairly self explanatory)

5) Smiles

Smiling is attractive. It makes me want to go and talk to who ever did it... Also, on some people, it's pretty hot...

6) Four leaf clovers

I've had an uncanny ability to find these since i was in the sixth grade. In some way i'm attracted to them, in others, they are attracted to me. They seem to congregate where i am, and i can't walk anywhere without looking for them... (both watches and pinkleton can attest to that...)

7) Tarot card, and sex!


Yeah, so i'm human, and sex is pretty sexy. Or more, i felt like i had to include something to do with sexuality, because i'm very attracted to men (and said thoughts of being attracted to men/actions which are effected by this attraction effect more of my life then i want to admit...). So i chose to do it via Tarot cards. The first picture is "The Lovers" (which have both a unicorn and a snake in the background, both of which are things i love!.) The second is "The Sun" (and we must admit that the feeling of the sun on our skin is attractive)

8) Matching dishes (not photographed here)

I know you probably don't think that this counts, but it really does to me...

This is hard to explain... The first think i wanted to be "when i grew up" was a faire princess. Thanks to SF0, i've succeeded in this venture (or more, i'm a Pixie Senator, which is close enough!) The other thing i really wanted to be/want to be is an epicly awesome housewife. Yeah, i know that sounds not super ambitious, but i think that raising a family is an awesome and fantastic and honorable thing to dedicate my life to (and if you're going to be an epic housewife, then there must be lots of volunteering, and doing cool things to humiliate your kids etc.) Something i always asked mom to get, but she never got was matching dishes... I wanted them sooooo badly! They symbolized stability on a socioeconomic level, but more importantly, they showed some kind of cohesiveness which i think was rather lacking in my childhood (Mom did an awesome job, but she was working through her own stuff and raising us basically alone... and we just had goodwill dishes...)

The dishes that i use in this praxis match, mom got them at a garage sale because i begged her, and after many years of me begging and a good prices, she finally said yes.

Now for the Process!

Plate + Smiles!

Add the lovers and the sun

the Four leaf clover as the nose, the matching bowl as surprised mouth (because who done'st love suprises)

Make it a Bright! mouth

Bad from this angle, but the nose is now ice-cream! and on is there is something red...

It's a Heart!!! because what's more attractive the love?!?!

There is my Carmel skinned man i drew. See his rainbow sprinkled beard?
See his red and rainbow sprinkled shorts? See his dorky eyes and red lovely lips?
See how he's holding and icecream heart for me

And there are the things that attract me (the guy and the heart) Drawn with things that attract me (Rainbow and sprinkles)
On something that attracts me (Ice-cream) On something that attracts me (the plate with the smiles) on something else that attracts me (flexabliity and a tidedie skirt)

I think you guys get the point...

Enjoying my feast of attraction!

+ larger

Photo 196.jpg
Red food coloring
Smiley stickers
4 leaf clover
OCF kitchen crew
The Lovers
The Sun
Smiles + Plate
Tarot Eyes
Gasping mouth
With a BRIGHT mouth
Nose replaced with icecream
The heart nose...
Carmel man
heart and Carmel man again

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(no subject)
posted by A M on August 6th, 2010 1:49 AM

Now I want ice cream.

(no subject)
posted by APR dreamlands on January 12th, 2011 11:04 AM

Seriously, Pixie has an uncanny ability to find 4 leaf clovers. While walking at a decent speed past a patch of clover no more than 5 ft wide and 30 ft long, she found not one, but TWO of them.