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Goblin Market by Developer Pixie, A M, APR dreamlands, Remy The Living, Dead Cube, Sir Pinkleton, Killer Queen, Sir Shplankton The Crabula

January 7th, 2011 8:07 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Set up a stall (or set of stalls) selling unusual objects. When asked what they cost, sell them at typical goblin market prices (for example - the memory of a spring day, a secret, the buyer's truename, a lock of the buyer's hair, their currently unborn firstborn child, a canary).

Costumes are optional, but more likely to make it more interesting for all concerned.

Death: I really enjoyed doing this. I got to see some friends, meet AP R and sell stuff in a British accent. Not to mention drink poison. I sold Insanity (a shirt that said insanity in cursive and had zig-zag line going down the side), and troll-proof-ness.... (a ritual I preformed with a sparkly ribbon.)

Pixie: I am a princess, and thus felt it appropriate to dress as such. I was captured Remy who tried to sell me to strangers for their children. A few of the kids wanted to follow me home, but most of the parents decided they'd keep there kids. I did make some young friends though, which is always good fora princess to do. It was also the first time meeting A PR icot in person, which was wondrous and lovely. Though the write up is at the end of the term, i think the act was the perfect way for the term to begin. I sold at least 20 doses of love, and we even got some essence of sunshine. Elbow grease wasn't as popular for some reason.

Remy: I was a good fine bounty hunter, equipped with un-lit flame-fists. And a super cool, black with white stripes coat. I went about with Pixie on a leash, selling her for a first-born child. No one bought my prized catch.

APR: I was a late joiner to this task, and only came up with what to create to sell at the last minute. I stopped off at a couple stores, picked stuff up, and assembled it the day before the tasking. When the day arrived, I headed down early, so that I could see what the Saturday Market in Portland was like, since I hadn't been before. After a while of wandering through the market, I found the rest of the intrepid taskers, and went about setting up my bounty of Manticore Poison (causes pain against your greatest foe, costs the name of your greatest foe), Vampires Blood (exacts revenge against an adversary, costs the name of the adversary), Phoenix Ashes (one reincarnation, costs the heat of your breath), Golem Dandruff (enhanced perseverance, costs some of your own dandruff), Minotaur Horn (great strength, costs a tale of being lost or confused), and Centaur Hoof (great speed, costs a tale of humiliation). Unfortunately I wasn't much of a salesman, and thus was unable to actually barter any of my goods. I portrayed an exotic animal hunter while trying to sell my goods.

Pinkleton: I already talked about what I was selling in my other praxis (here: ). I went with grey floral pants, a red flowery shirt over a white t-shirt, and a small top hat. It was kind of nice, though I wish I was more open and less fearful of talking to strangers. We got a lot of strange looks. The best part was probably when A M gave a boy some snake skin in a bottle, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever.

AM: I showed up at the Skidmore Fountain, mid-Saturday Market festivities, before anybody else. I settled in to watch the hoopers, balloon men, and hackeysackers.

My stuff was still in bags.

Eventually, my fellow goblins trickled in.

At first, we set up at the seat of the fountain, more or less underfoot, but with lots of traffic.


I laid out my wares on the hide of a sunrise, which I had acquired at the estate sale of a female impersonator on a farm in Washington (my hand to god). Items pictured here include:

elbow grease
oil from a living man
butterfly saliva
dream seeds
a look in the mirror of beauty
wishing feathers
regular feathers
shiny rocks
an awesome old key
fireflower petals
a snakeskin
a taste of your own medicine
a genie
cordial of healing
costume jewelry
essence of fire and water, sold together for safety


I was also offering fortunes based on my you ching system.

My favorite part of this location was working on my patter. I've very shy, but getting into character, and having such awesome stuff to sell brought out the inner barker in me. I worked up an awesome patter ("DREAM seeds, shiny rocks, wishing feathers regular feathers JAR of sunshine get your fortune told!") which was very satisfying. We mostly sold a bunch of dabs of love on the wrists, and gave away fortunes. I did trade a jar of sunshine to a girl for a memory of a summer's day

pictured here if I remember correctly.

After a while, we moved away to an area near a fountain, with far more childrens, which we, especially Pixie, attracted. Pixie had a small parade of little girls following her around, starstruck.

This young man bought a snakeskin in a jar (one of my favorites) at the price of telling me that he wanted to be a dentist when we grows up.

I doubted his judgment in profession, but sold it to him anyway. His mother attempted to make him give it back, but I explained that he had bought it fair and square.

I then encountered several of Pixie's small girls, and sold them butterfly saliva, shiny rocks, and dream seeds for such prices as their favorite colors and animals.


The mother of one such little girl bought the elbow grease from me, in exchange for the hardest thing she'd ever done ("Giving birth. No, wait, staying married to her father for three years.") and a cool bead.


At this point, we had more or less exhausted our customer base, so APR sold us the remainder of his tasty drinks and we decamped, sadly missing two of my friends who had intended to show up, but been delayed.

All in all, I had a very good time, and if the weather ever improves again would very much enjoy making this a regular event -- god knows the Saturday Market has weirder things every week.

I suggest taking a gander through the remainder of the pictures below, as not all of them are linked, and many of them are awesome.

+ larger

New friends and a princess
New friends
Raw supplies for AP R
Death, Pixie, and a customer
Miss Pixie
killer queen
another customer
AM and one of pixies followers
More browsing
A cute wee one
A wee one and her mom looking at the wares
AM selling her wears to a wee one
All together now
At an angle
A toast!
I think this is a memory
A bead, and children
Satisfied customers
Pixie and APR
Death Cube and Remy
Also childling
Showing off his new snakeskin
Sir P and APR
My wares
More wares
Sir P and Remy
This guy is unrelated

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posted by relet 裁判長 on January 7th, 2011 8:29 PM

Beautiful! Just beautiful!
And all the mischief one could do with these good intentions!

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posted by Ombwah on January 7th, 2011 8:58 PM


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posted by rongo rongo on January 9th, 2011 9:11 AM

Lovely tasking.

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posted by Dead Cube on February 1st, 2013 12:19 AM

I was short...