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Developer Pixie
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Last Logged In: August 17th, 2017
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Paleodiet by Developer Pixie, PDØ Hitman

March 23rd, 2011 10:44 AM / Location: 45.432641,-122.5737

INSTRUCTIONS: The diet of the hunter-gatherer differs from that of the typical SF0 player not only in composition, but also in the degree to which it is predictable. Explore the subjective effects of a scarce and unreliable food supply on the modern, western human by modifying your own food selection mechanism to include elements with random or uncertain outcomes; to wit, play a game to decide what and how much you eat.

It was a cold and rainy night. Well, of course it was as were were in Portland in the Winter. We had exhausted ourselves at the local monument of capitalism and our ingrained desires for nourishment kicked in. I broke out a deck of cards so that we could encounter our first random element: Where would be go hunting. As there were three set of hunting grounds nearby (inside the capitalist establishment [i.e., food court], at the local oasis just outside, or somewhere the next valley over) we determined our general destination by cutting the deck of cards. The result was for us to forage in the nearby oasis for a means of subsistence.

Sharpening the Weaponsimg00024-20110399965.jpg

As we had determined out the location for our hunting we figured that there should be some sort of skill involved as to what type of prey we would go after. Pixie grabbed the cards and we immediately partook in a game of 'spit'. I won a closely contested match and determined we would go to the fruit orchard (Applebees).

On the way out to find our trusty mount Pixie decided to roll against her charm as to overrule my decision. She made the save (with plenty of room to spare), twisted my arm, and determined that our ultimate location would be one of the Big-3 (not automakers but close enough).

Our travel to the hunting grounds was uneventful and we were immediately seated in a blind that gave us prime view of the opportunities for nourishment. I had misplaced my cards so we went with Pixie's d20 (that she always has with her) in order to determine what and how much to eat.

Now that we determine where we would obtain our food Pixie broke out her weapon and slew the
One of the natives came and asked us if she could fetch us a refreshing drink. Pixie rolled for a Mt. Dew and I got a Lemonade.

Next was for appetizers:
I could not find anything near our hunting blind for a quick means of nourishment by Pixie continued here streak snapping a salad.

As there were many forms of game around we decided to determine which area of the oasis we would each hunt in. Pixie rolled low and her meal was to come from the land of Fajitas and I rolled high forcing me to go looking at the "Combos".

Pixie ended up corralling the Mexico Grill Fajitas (and rolled to the Sour Cream and Guac).

Hitman rolled a 1 (critical miss) for his meal resulting in Pixie swapping her Mt. Dew for Hitman's Lemondade (ouch). With only one more try or go without nourishment Hitman rolled again and succeeded in scavenging for Chicken Flautas.

Now that we had nourishment (and plenty of it) we decided that it was time to Play with Our Food.

Once we finished playing, we headed back out into the cold and rainy night so that I could deliver Pixie to her castle and I could return to my secret enclave. Prior to our leaving we absconded with a photo that some poor child took of us has we were leaving the hunting grounds (we must have scared him as it is out of focus).

Next time we will come with better weapons and hopefully find another enjoyable time hunting down our food.

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Getting the Weapons Ready
Where to go
Pixie Lost
Overwhelmed by Charm
Hunting Grounds
Pixie's Choices
Hitman's Choices
The Big One
Da Chicken

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