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Placepoem by Pixie, Ty Ødin

November 3rd, 2013 2:50 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Write a poem about your favorite place, by only assembling text you find in that place.

1. Go to the place you want to write a poem about.
2. Find some text. E.g. street signs, advertising posters, graffiti, garbage etc.
3. Document the text you find - take pictures, or just note down what you find and where.
4. Cut and paste until you have a poem.
5. Post it here, along with documentation of the texts and the place.

Rules: You may insert three words which are your own (that you have not found on the location).

(Disclaimer: This task is inspired by the textopia research project, . If you find it interesting, please put your poem there as well (and a sound recording of it), and a special place in heaven will be reserved for you!)

Pixie and I went on a magical capitalistic placepoem haiku adventure! You'll never guess where we went -.-

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