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Potted Plant Distribution by Developer Pixie

September 24th, 2010 11:45 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: Acquire a small potted plant. Leave the plant in a store, cafe, or a location of your choosing that has lack of potted plants.

Ladies and gentlemen, i now present to you:

A pixie
A plan
15 Plants
and the Power of love.


Potted Plant Distribution

Step one: Backstory time!
I've had about 20 ideas for this task, and settled on this one for many reasons. For a long time i've been trying to figure out the best task to do with my mom. Mom hates the internet. Mom also hates the idea of me talking to people i've never met in real life. Mom doesn't believe in online communities. Mom also has a great deal of control over my life. More importantly, she's been exposed to a lot of the bad sides of me tasking, such as helping me recover from this task, and dealing with my impromptu stay with Mobius (without her permission) on my way home from completing this task. (Note, this took place one week before Circle Time but write up can mess up chronological order. And sometimes it's fun to get a little CE)

So i wanted to give her happy exposure to the game! So I picked a task that would tie into her life in all the ways she liked best. She loves gardening, and she lovers her work/my old elementary school. So then i knew what to do.

Step Two: Plant acquisition
main_photo3795336.jpg(plant's as i bought them)

Mom and I visited the green house [which my sister and i walk to ever mothers day (to get a geranium, and then to fight viciously about what color we want to get her.)] I piked out my flowers in about five minutes, because I knew what i wanted, and how many (i needed 12 but got 18 so i could do extra.) My flowers cost $4. Mom spends 20 minutes looking at plants. She picks out four beautiful ones which i get for her for an extra six. This is a very relatively short and cheep visit to the greenhouse.

Step two: Potting of the plants.
I hate dirt. I hate it soooooo much! it absolutely drives me crazy. So while i like plants, i mostly choose not to garden. I mixed the soil and potted all 18 of the plants, which took me about an hour. Though it's not at all the kind of thing i'd normally choose to do, it's a good skill, and it made mom happy to have me outside with her. The pictures are from my webcam, seeing as mom's wasn't charged yet.

Step Three: Distribution.
My mom was the aid in my kindergarden class. She then went back to school for her masters like a badass and has been teaching at my elementary school for 11 years. She has a key! And many of the classrooms were woefully devoid of potted plants!! So I came to mom's room, help her set up, (which contained a unofficial completion of one letter off) and she let me into as many of the classrooms as she could to distribute the potted plants. However, most of them had to wait till this morning, which was the first day, where i rushed in and set them down white teachers were busy greeting students.

Here are the pictures of the night i distributed plants (so the first 4.)

The Tarantula needs a pretty flower to hang out near!!!

The fish tank is empty right now in the room next door, but i think it will want a flowery friend too

5th grade... Soooooooooooooo many books!! Needed a flower desperately!

Before (note, the teacher's name is joe, but i saw no joe to beware of at the time)

After: Small flower with sign in front of it

Said sign says "Joe" and has big scary teeth.

The morning ones i nether had the time, nor the access to the camera to document. The one thing that stood out was giving a plant to my mothers boss. They hate each-other, and have a long and vicious enmity. When my mom heard that i gave one to said boss, she cursed that i wasted a plant. However, since the event, mom reports that they treat each other civilly and haven't gotten into a big fight yet (seeing that it's about a month in, this is a pretty big first.)

And thus, i acquired plants and distributed them. And lived happily ever after!!!


When i was setting up mom's letter borad, i completed one letter off (not in the way i want to do it on it's own, but it's awesome enough to submit along side this)
The school appropriate version

The original version

The real message

It's up to you to decide which you think was the improvement.

Love and Hugs,

+ larger

Before potting, all of them sitting in one flat
After potting: they now have room to grow!
me with plants! proving that i did indeed touch dirt
in the background, you'll see some of mom's potted trees
planter/plantee bonding

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2 comment(s)

(no subject)
posted by Sombrero Guy on September 24th, 2010 2:09 PM

Backstory time is always fun in a task! And so is family collaboration!

Also, I can fully sympathise with the whole "Mom hates the internet" scenario.

(no subject)
posted by rongo rongo on September 27th, 2010 9:31 AM

A school is a great place to distribute plants, and it's very cool that a lot of different people will benefit from the flowers.