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Public Art Opportunities by Developer Pixie

May 17th, 2011 2:43 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Create public art opportunities.


Last night was pretty interesting. It was my last day as a teen, and to celebrate, I decided to go a tasking. I was inspired by a friend drawing on my back. Then, armed with a backless tank top, I decided to allow my body to be a public art opportunity. I only found three members of the public, but they all drew interesting things.

Krista: The inspirationmain_photo286101380.jpgmain_imag0025101383.jpg

Sadly her contributions are the most faded, but are incredibly awesome. Hers were the most fun to receive. She asked "can I draw on your back" and i said "sure." She is a quiet and diligent artist, who occasionally would say things like "skin is hard to draw long, smooth lines on." Krista is a lovely person and ended up giving me art on my back and a flower on my arm. (the one on my back is faded because I slept on it before I had a chance to photograph it.) She inspired me to do this as a task in this way.

The Bicycle man


On my way to the roxy which was my planed place to stake out and ask people, I noticed an underground bicycle shop. I waved to the person inside. He waved back. On sudden whimsy, I decided to go in. After all, it had some pretty lovely bicycles. I asked the owner to draw on me (seeing as I was doing public art opportunities.) I should have known by how emphatically he said yes that this was a bad idea. The 45 minutes was a test of self control on both counts. I wanted to get the fuck out in fear, he wanted to take off my clothing and expressed the desire to do such about halfway though the sketch. I'd mentioned my amazing boy friend several times before he brought this up. I apologized and said that that wasn't something I wanted to do. More drawing. More talk of what he wishes he was doing. I finally snapped and asked him to stop, though the drawing, to his credit, is entirely beautiful (on my left leg.) I left politely and hurriedly and was rather distressed, but it taught me something. I should never be too polite when someone is making me uncomfortable. Also, that some people try to fill their emotional holes with physical things, which make them unhappy. That is why the man was so unhappy. This lesson would prove valuable later

The guy at the bar


The roxy (my usual night haunt, which is a 24 hour diner) was closed, so I walked to my other night haunt. It's a mexican food restaurant which shares a restroom with Mary's strip club. IT has "the best mexican food in portland" which doesn't really matter, because we are too far away from the border to have good mexican food at all. But I like the food. It also has a full bar, which doesn't do much for me, but I like watching the lady (last night it was Sarah) pay it off. The guy at the bar drew a self proclaimed self portrait on my shoulder/back. He's cool, can't remember his name. We talked life, philosophy, religion etc. He had style, but was a little to cocky to be an enjoyable conversationalist. But he was drunk, so it doesn't matter.

My birthday happens! YAY TURNING 20

The lost boy

This was... lovely. I was on my way home, singing like i normally do. I came across someone who said he was lost. Then he asked me why I was so happy. Then we talked for about an hour, about his life and problems and his conceptualization of the world. I felt like I was truly helping him see the world in a way which will allow him to live a happier life. So though his picture is the least impressive (and for his sake, write the least about,) it means the most. He said that the design means something to him, but he didn't explain. Who knows. By this point I'm exhausted and go home and fall asleep.

My last night of teenage-hood was pretty mixed, but all and all things turned out well.

- smaller

Bar guy's self portrate

Bar guy's self portrate

it's pretty cool looking

Krista's beautiful back design.

Krista's beautiful back design.

Bar guy was cocky and drew over part of it, which makes me kind of sad

A bike in the bike store

A bike in the bike store

looks way cooler in person

I drew this to lure strangers

I drew this to lure strangers

to the cause of TASKING!

Flower from krista

Flower from krista

The only one I haven't washed off yet

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn't it beautiful?

I was sad that it was given in such an uncomfortable way

I think it's a spaceship

I think it's a spaceship

But I'll never know

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(no subject) +1
posted by N Mutans on May 17th, 2011 2:58 PM

Happy birthday!

(no subject)
posted by relet 裁判長 on May 17th, 2011 3:28 PM

This is bold. And happy birthday!

And I think maybe it's a pity that this opportunity was seized by so few and so random ones.

(no subject)
posted by Idøntity matrix on May 18th, 2011 9:20 AM

Very nice. I don't, however, recommend them as tattoos.

(no subject)
posted by Developer Pixie on May 18th, 2011 9:23 AM

All of them (other then the Iris from Krista) have been washed off. Only here are they permanent

(no subject)
posted by Arietis on May 19th, 2011 3:54 PM

Happy belated bday Pixie. "Bar guy's self portrait" looks like a character from Invader Zim - very nice.

Congratulations! So bold! +1
posted by rongo rongo on June 3rd, 2011 9:23 AM

I should never be too polite when someone is making me uncomfortable.

Yes, this is important and hard to remember to do. To live a life which is open to possibilities and open to interacting with random people and seizing half-baked ideas and opportunities, one must also be confident in one's ability to press the emergency eject button.

(no subject)
posted by N Mutans on June 3rd, 2011 11:45 AM

Yes. Difficult and vital.