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Developer Pixie
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SF0 Skill Share by Developer Pixie, A M

February 21st, 2010 4:56 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Find a player that you have never met before in real life. Teach them a skill you think is useful for SF0. Have them teach you a skill they think is useful for SF0.

PD0 Pixie sez:
I'd never met an SF0 member in real life. I've actually never met anyone from the internet in real life, but once finding a fellow PD0 member who would actually return my messages, we were eager to set up a meeting. I came with a couple friends and we met outside the PSU bookstore, where we recognized each other via the color of our stockings.

In short, she taught me to build mario cubes, and i taught her to fire dance.

A M sez:

I'm strong on knowledges and sort of short on skills (I think of it in RPG character terms, I'm a big dork). So kind of the most hands-on thing I could come up with was mario cubes, as featured in my Fortune Not Cookie praxis. Pixie picked up on the theory right quick, and produced a cube


that we used for Silent Donation.

I have a number of friends who spin poi or do other shiny firedance tricks, but have never picked it up myself. Pixie taught me to swing poi in circles alternating between in front of and behind my head. Thankfully, they were pretty padded, so when I whacked myself with them it didn't hurt.


There are also a couple of videos of me doing the trick more or less successfully below. I have omitted the four-second video I accidentally took of Pixie's feet, as I deemed it un-skill-related.

- smaller

A M learning poi

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I don't even hit myself in the head in this video clip!

Not hitting myself in the head

Not hitting myself in the head

Left hand spinning behind my head

Skill gained!

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A totally new skill to me! I whack myself in the shoulder but not the head over the course of this video.

Mario Cube

Mario Cube

For the other half of the skill swap, I taught Pixie to make Mario blocks

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posted by rongo rongo on February 23rd, 2010 8:06 AM

Hooray for meeting SF0 players in real life. Meeting more of you is one of my goals.