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Seymour Hunt
Level 1: 10 points
Last Logged In: March 26th, 2013
BADGE: New Player

Seymour Hunt

Born in 2236, Seymour Hunt is a negotiator, an architect, an escape artist, a bricoleur, a cartographer, a politician, a cheat, a writer, a time traveler, janitor, and a professor of History. Hunt writes 23rd Century historical novels which he publishes in the 21st Century where they appear as futuristic fiction. They are neither futuristic nor fiction. In 2248, the young Seymour Hunt completed his PhD dissertation dealing with the repercussions of Historic revisionism and other forms of media misrepresentation. Left unchecked these events had deleterious consequences. Overwhelmed by a dying planet, Hunt took the only course of action left. He gave up a lucrative academic career as a History Professor to become a janitor at the Smithsonian Museum. Working the night shift, in relative obscurity and anonymity, Hunt uses the power of the pen to expose spins and power grabs of the 21st Century to remedy the harm done by them in the 23rd. No honor. No recognition. Constant danger.


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