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Lars K
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100 words by Lars K

February 7th, 2007 8:18 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: Cut 100 individual words out of different newspapers and magazines or whatever print source you like. Assemble them into some sort of story or poem or such. Try to choose words that call out to you and try not to plan out what your story will be ahead of time. Create a little book for you to paste your story words into.

100 Words reminded me of high school afternoons spent zine-crafting with moody goth friends down in the South Bay. Gotta love SFZero for bringing back swell memories... ;)

For this task, I snipped images and text from offset printing and design brochures pulled from my library, German magazines, the San Francisco Chronicle, plus this week's copies of The Onion and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. All photos from this task were taken at the Arc Cafe this drizzly morn' and can be viewed on my Flickr stream:

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posted by star5 on February 7th, 2007 11:40 PM

i really like the design of it.. integrating background collages too. would enjoy reading the whole thing (some pictures are hard to catch all the words) if you felt like typing it out.

fo sho
posted by Lars K on February 9th, 2007 9:31 PM

Hey star5, here it is, without any proper punctuation except where included as printed text that I cut up and pasted in:

Hello. STORY "SURGERY CANNOT GIVE YOU A DEWY GLOW" / Soft sparkling attention / indirectly. THE HAPPY BLOW-OUTS! DANGER / UNCANNY time. wrapped EVERY need / sublime broken moment WITHIN first snowflakes of the year fall gently, here / SUBTEXT BODACIOUS crazy blow in a blanket / itty bitty Personal cracked Dream of bath. / ...look with secret AMUSEMENT "PLUCKING IS FOR CHICKENS. / THE ZOMBIES PUNKS melting on Gwen's outstretched tongue / (download) SECRET AGENT / NEW SWINGERS FROM swamp / make fresh clamoring for / STUNNED