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Museum Without Walls Without Electrons by star5, Oliver X

March 16th, 2007 1:39 AM

INSTRUCTIONS: You and your compatriots must, by now, have a vibrant body of U of A work to your name - work that lies entombed within the catacombs of your completed tasks page. Andre Malraux's "Musee Imaginaire" ("Museum without Walls") - a project to collect photographs of works of art, so as to democratize access to works and allow for their reclassification according to new criteria - will be your guide in creating a of your completed tasks. Your museum should attempt to represent at least 15 other players' tasks, and absolutely may not be a web page, powerpoint presentation, flash animation, etc. As curator, you'll be required to include some introductory notes - one hopes that such notes would confront criticisms of both "brick and mortar" and "imaginaire" (e.g. such, such) museums, such as the museum/mausoleum problem, modernist difficulties entailed in the flattening/collapsing of fields of expertice, and the problem of providing broad access to your museum. Bonus points for: mass-producing your museum; notes confronting the fact your museum is being re-museumed within your completed tasks page.

We created a book of images from sf0 participants. SF0: Volume 1 is a collection of images from the game SF0, created by many of the players. This volume comprises tasks completed mostly during the first part of 2006. This task was started a long time ago, hence many great images that aren't included. It is published on Lulu allows you to create books and they print them as people order them. So anyone that wants a book, can go to their site and order it.

SFØ: volume 1 on Lulu.

It is full color, 82 pages, 6"x9". The cost is $16.83 + shipping (we don't get any money, the cost is how much they charge to print). Lulu lets you see all of the pages at a lower resolution in preview. And you are also able to download the whole book free as a pdf, where you can bring it into the real world yourself if you so choose.

We'll put up a photo of the physical book once we receive it.

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book cover

book cover

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posted by Rubin Starset on March 31st, 2007 11:48 PM

I got one, this shit's fucking awesome. If the feds ever got to the Engineers and they shut down this site (oh nos!), I'll have this one bit of memory to hold on to.

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posted by meredithian on June 22nd, 2008 4:13 PM

oh! i thought that i had voted for this (and added it to my favorites) when i saw it after JTTEOTN in chicago. your book is beautiful.