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Tasks / Antiwallet Freedom Venture

This task is retired.

For three days, carry all of the things you normally carry in a wallet or purse in a non-standard receptacle. This receptacle could be a paper bag, a burlap sack, a cup, a piece of soft food, your hand, etc. This task will not be accepted and scored if the receptacle is too standard! No pockets or prefabricated bags - nothing that can be construed as being engineered for carrying credit cards, cash, driver's license, and whatever else you have in your wallet. Extraordinary proofs will be scored accordingly - significant bonus points for baking your personal effects into a cake that you bring around and eat to access items when necessary.

1 players
15 points
Level 1

Terms: everyday, behaviour, multiday, unconventional_use

34 completed :: 9 in progress
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this task is retired


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Antiwallet Freedom Venture by GlyphGryph January 6th, 2008 9:01 AM

Project "Cold, Hard Cash" I went into this task with two other people (Jen and WysDubs, my partners in crime), and a brain storming session of escalating ridiculousness led to the concept of an ice wallet. Both soon dropped out, having a l...

15 + 135 points :: 4 comments :: 27 votes

For this task, I chose to focus on the convenient qualities of a wallet/purse, and searched for something appropriately "anti-convenient." I chose an organic kabocha squash as my primary material. I cut off the top, hollowed it out, lined...

15 + 121 points :: 11 comments :: 29 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Haberley Mead January 25th, 2008 8:27 AM

Now this is a task that has been simmering away in the back of my mind pretty much since I started playing SF0. The only problem with it was that many people have already done it, and so how would I pull away from the pack and do something notable? T...

15 + 80 points :: 7 comments :: 16 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Saint March 11th, 2007 5:22 PM

I decided to go for an extremely protective design, and why not use something from the kings of protection, a turtle. Luckily i happened to have a full turtle shell laying around, and so, with the help of a pack of orbits gum, and copious amounts of ...

15 + 74 points :: 0 comments :: 15 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Rylee Smith January 17th, 2008 8:26 AM

ok while this box may not seem like it would be that difficult.....if you go shopping as much as i do it is! everywhere i went people thought i was stealing the dvd! and there are guards at the entrance and exit to all the Virgin they act...

15 + 70 points :: 9 comments :: 14 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by wanda corlett November 20th, 2006 12:01 PM

my first choice for an anti-wallet is the neighborhood couch, for its ability to multiply loose change and other lost objects, as well as my affinity for the color as an accessory. unfortunately, it has been missing from the block for nigh on two da...

15 + 39 points :: 12 comments :: 9 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Jason 7au March 17th, 2006 12:43 PM

I may have taken a more literal approach to "antiwallet." I wanted to examine the dependance upon wallets and explore what a wallet offers. I tried to break it down into a wallet's defining characteristics: * compactness, pocketable (and therefore...

15 + 31 points :: 1 comment :: 9 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Mr Smirks January 5th, 2008 1:30 AM

So I gutted a little stuffed birdy. It worked really well and its cute having his little head pop out of your pocket.

15 + 28 points :: 4 comments :: 6 votes
Antiwallet Freedom Venture by Brendan Long April 22nd, 2006 11:56 AM

For this task I picked a tin Tonka Toy as my wallet. For the last week I’ve been taking it with me to work, restaurants, and shopping, but strangely enough…nobody questioned it. The only downside with the wallet was it was impossible t...

15 + 27 points :: 2 comments :: 7 votes

My non-standard receptacle is the overview of Humanitarian Crisis. I didn't want to put my wealth and identity in just an object for a few days, so I thought this would be interesting. The text is printed on the back of a PLEASE LET US LOAN YOU MONEY...

15 + 17 points :: 3 comments :: 5 votes
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