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Tasks / MNZERO Skyway Stag Hunt

An elusive Stag has been spotted in the Minneapolis skyways. Will your team be the one to capture it? Beware the temptation of the Hare! Grab your friends and join MNZERO for 90 minutes of searching, chasing and collaboration in the streets above the streets.

1 to 100 players
25 points
Level 0
Created by lark

Terms: mnzero, publicspaces, collaboration, streetgame, competition, publicart

1 completed :: 4 in progress
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The other day in Minneapolis on Mehringplatz, Berlin, lyx, kattapa and relet were part of team blue to hunt down decorate the stag. With the stag being quickly discovered and circled by the local youngsters, it was really more of a carrying-more-ball...

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