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Tasks / Mayor Daley's Graffiti Busters

BART Psychogeographical AssociationThe University of AesthematicsHumanitarian Crisis

Take back your neighborhood! Paint over some advertising; ideally, this involves matching the color of the surface the ad is posted on, but an alternative is to use industrial, drab grey. Under no circumstances should you paint over advertising with anything but a solid color. Easy targets are iPod or movie posters on vacant buildings. Bonus points for hard targets like bus station ads or billboards. Before and after photos are, of course, a must.

2 to 4 players
40 points
Level 3
Requires BART Psychogeographical Association OR The University of Aesthematics OR Humanitarian Crisis

Terms: paint, advert

1 completed :: 7 in progress
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Most comunities have some official or unofficial structure in place for removing graffiti - but (to my knowledge) only Chicago has claimed the legal right to remove graffiti from private property. The assumption that graffiti artists are virtuall...

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