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Tasks / (Not) Energy Drink

Design and produce a ________ drink. The only adjective that you may not insert in the blank is "energy."

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»I think we're due for a party. Don't you?« It was one of those nights, when the weather really digs in, and the family stress is running high. The kids were feeling sick. The grownups were feeling sick and tired. Jail visits, late papers, working...

25 + 180 points :: 35 comments :: 36 votes :: 14 collaborators

My shrink ray began acting up last week, so I decided to create another method of personal miniaturization. Since I'd already tried technology, I tried chemicals this time around. My shrinking drink was a complete success!

25 + 139 points :: 13 comments :: 28 votes
(Not) Energy Drink by Flitworth February 10th, 2008 5:42 AM

Designed and Produced: A Korea-themed Cocktail Drink Many classic cocktails have a story to tell. Those such as the Cuba Libre or the French 75 each reference a particular time in history. In these shameful modern times, however, the creation of ...

25 + 125 points :: 9 comments :: 25 votes
(Not) Energy Drink by Cal Samson January 14th, 2008 12:38 AM

Can we buy some of this?

25 + 115 points :: 7 comments :: 23 votes
(Not) Energy Drink by Final Zero, Susatron August 20th, 2008 8:47 PM

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Not really, I just needed an intro. Moving on: Susatron and I had the urge to accomplish a task, but what was to be done? Browsing the list of missions to be completed, this was stumbled upon. Eure...

25 + 95 points :: 12 comments :: 19 votes :: 2 collaborators
(Not) Energy Drink by Kyle Hamilton March 15th, 2008 4:55 AM

Updates can be found at the bottom of the page Design and produce a blank drink, there are a lot of different drinks I could make but seeing how I haven't slept in almost 48 hours for this task I will be making "The Kyle Hamilton Pharmaceutic...

25 + 69 points :: 9 comments :: 14 votes

we had found a website with many home remidies listed and chose a recipie that we had the ingrediants for the recipie was a laxitive, made with 1 part sauerkraut juice and 2 part tomato juice. after crafting this potent mixture, we drank. no immidi...

25 + 68 points :: 12 comments :: 14 votes :: 2 collaborators

Happy Tea. It combines several known herbal aphrodisiacs and anti depressants to make a delightfully uplifting and perfectly legal hot beverage. You need: 1 tsp organic fresh lavender 1 tsp dried mint leaves 1 teabag Yerba Matte (or other tea of yo...

25 + 64 points :: 29 comments :: 13 votes

Jamaican Lumberjack Drink (with apologies to any Jamaicans and/or Lumberjacks in the audience) I was sitting around, trying to think of drinks I could make to use up the rum left over from my New Years party. I realized I also had chocolate soy ...

25 + 60 points :: 7 comments :: 12 votes

The Game? Mystery Drink. The Rules? Choose 10 - 15 kitchen foods. Blend together well. Keep your ingredient list. Have the other player guess what's in your drink, in 10 guesses. Winner is the one who guesses the most ingredients right. - Con...

25 + 55 points :: 4 comments :: 11 votes :: 3 collaborators
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