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Tasks / Seeing Beyond Sight Photo Challenge

Seeing Beyond Sight has partnered with SFZero to challenge you to see the world differently - with more than your eyes.

Welcome new users: SFZero is an ongoing game in which you can choose to participate (or not) after you do the Seeing Beyond Sight Challenge.

Click here for new user registration.

1. Blindfold yourself.
(wear shades or tape your eyes shut)

2. Go out in public and make your way in the world.
(go 1 block, 1 hour or 1 roll of film; go with a friend or alone; make up your own process)

3. Photograph things you notice. And, just notice.
(What do you notice differently about objects, people, actions, interactions?)

4. Embrace the whole experience as much as the picture taking.
(Engage. Have a conversation with people you encounter. Take it all in.)

5. Share your story.
(For each photograph write a caption about your experience - a few lines or several paragraphs if you want.)

6. Challenge some friends to do it.
(email them the link:

Please don't post all the pictures from your shoot, but chose 1 to 3 that are the best images or are most telling of your experience. Caption the photos describing something about your experience - that is as important as the image itself. Longer stories are welcomed and may be added to

If you depend on your eyes to get around, then it is hard not to use them. Although you can tell us about how difficult it is to be blind, focus more on what you noticed about the world as you embarked on this journey.

This experience isn’t about blindness – it is about seeing, noticing and paying attention with more than your eyes.

This challenge was inspired by SEEING BEYOND SIGHT: PHOTOGRAPHY BY BLIND TEENAGERS, a new book published by Chronicle Books.

1 to 10 players
30 points
Level 0
Created by Tony Deifell

Terms: shplank, everyoneshouldsee, returnoftherevengetwoelectricboogaloo

61 completed :: 162 in progress
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2min slideshow - SBS Photo Challenge Raleigh, NC
posted by Tony Deifell on June 27th, 2007 8:07 PM

Sam Lavigne and I took the Seeing Beyond Sight Photo Challenge to Raleigh, NC for an arts festival and 160 people did it!

Check it out (only 2 minutes) and make sure the audio is on b/c it has great comments by people.

(no subject)
posted by teucer on July 23rd, 2009 8:01 PM

Say, Tony, is Raleigh where you live?

If so - want to task together sometime?

(bump) +1
posted by Sean Mahan on July 23rd, 2009 3:05 PM

Tony gave a talk at Google about the experiences behind the book, task, &c, which you watch on YouTube.


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I went on a solo 13 mile blindfolded excursion. I started at the Braille Institute, which is not far from where I live in Silverlake, and decided to make my way to the Pasadena Braille Club. This trip involved two different Metro trains and about s...

30 + 138 points :: 34 comments :: 28 votes
Seeing Beyond Sight Photo Challenge by Loki October 2nd, 2007 11:39 AM

STOP! Don't vote for this! Thanks for all the votes. I'm flattered. But, I don't want to take Lank's high score fleurette. Go vote for him instead. Or, if you feel this interpretation deserves two votes, vote for us both. Or, if you refuse to v...

30 + 117 points :: 14 comments :: 25 votes

I had a really great time doing this and intend to do it again whether or not for this task. In fact I am having a little get together tomorrow night and I am going to bring with a bandanna and a a couple cameras so as to encourage people to do this....

30 + 113 points :: 11 comments :: 23 votes


30 + 105 points :: 5 comments :: 21 votes :: 2 collaborators

This task took place on Muir Beach on an amazingly sunny day. American Idiot was with me, and helped document, while I shot my task and he also did the same task at a different location.

30 + 90 points :: 18 comments :: 18 votes

I took me a while to figure out how I was going to accomplish this task. I wanted something unique, something challenging, something dangerous. From what I'd heard, black Friday can meet all of those criteria even for the sighted. So I decided to exp...

30 + 75 points :: 8 comments :: 15 votes

This task is something that I've wanted to do for a long time, well before joining SF0. I particularly admire everybody who has spent time on the streets as part of this task without a friend to guide them. That is insanely brave. After so many bril...

30 + 75 points :: 10 comments :: 15 votes

So I wanted to do this in an epic fashion, and the way I wanted to do it was make my completion dangerous. When I think of danger I think of scary urban settings and being attacked by shiftless no good layabouts out in the wild that is the modern urb...

30 + 70 points :: 15 comments :: 14 votes
Seeing Beyond Sight Photo Challenge by Orion February 17th, 2007 9:42 AM

Sam gave me a few tasks to accomplish while blinded. He wanted Something Yellow, Someone I Didn't Know, and A Non-Human Animal. I got all three, plus another nasty little surprise. Though I don't really have any pictures of the end of the night, a b...

30 + 70 points :: 5 comments :: 14 votes

Darwin is a beautiful 35mm Canon AE-1, which I got half of for my 18th birthday (making him just over 10 years in my possession). As you can see in my dot-faced user picture, Darwin is not digital. Darwin does not have auto-focus. However, as I've...

30 + 65 points :: 8 comments :: 13 votes
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