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Tasks / Taste The Rainbow

This task is retired.

For one week explore the full spectrum of food colors!

On the first day only eat red things, on the second day only eat orange things, on the third only yellow and so on:


On the last day either eat all White things or all Black things.

Post proof with pictures, and if you come up with any particularly good monochromatic recipes post those too!

1 to 4 players
75 points
Level 4
Created by Danger D. HotBod

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this task is retired


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posted by g k on June 11th, 2006 7:23 PM

cool idea, I may try it.


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From Danger D. Hotrod ---------------------- Okay, first off - this task turned out be HARD. I thought it was going to be all happy-go-lucky let's eat and poop rainbows for a week, but it was really rough, especially on days that I didn't plan for...

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