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Tasks / The Ukrainian Commemorative Spoon

Create a souvenir from a country you have never been to.

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Created by Crazy Child

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Estonia. Land of the future. Kprime loves Estonia...some would say, beyond all reason. But she had no way of showing her love. It was clear that this had to change. (image from wikimedia) Estonia is a sad land. This is the official Estonia fl...

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In order to avoid worsening my winter cabin-fever melancholy, I decided to choose a country it would be completely impossible to visit. It would have to be a place that makes me happy in theory, yet one I would never want to experience. To this end,...

15 + 90 points :: 7 comments :: 24 votes

So, it's my zeroday today. I realised this a while back, and it made me think. I haven't actually done anything for absolutely ages. My last decent praxis was in October, and my score this era is almost entirely dependant on having been in Milton Key...

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Hello from the Scenic UNCANNY VALLEY! When an inanimate object is just close enough to be creepy, it's said to be in the uncanny valley. Think any of the motion-capture based CG movies by Robert Zemeckis. Quote: Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori i...

15 + 38 points :: 2 comments :: 11 votes

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone else! May I present: The original Ukrainian Commemorative Spoon Acquired in Ukraine, a country I have never been to. A souvenir of a voyage that is not mine. Brought to me by a friend without entering the count...

15 + 20 points :: 7 comments :: 5 votes

In my family, it's not uncommon to bring back musical recordings as souvenirs, so I decided to sing and record a song that could pass as a souvenir from Mongolia. Then I only had to come up with a fictional background for the album. Ladies and Gentl...

15 + 15 points :: 2 comments :: 3 votes

Exotic souvenirs exist in the cupboard when you're connected with the globalised food chain. My first idea was to grab this empty jam jar and fill it with tea bags I had from the five or six boxes I have of tea lying around. Yes, really, I do have ...

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The Ukrainian Commemorative Spoon by CM January 31st, 2012 9:19 AM

Whilst I have never been to Ireland, my husband tells me that it is beautiful. Upon his return many years ago, he had memories of kissing the Blarney Stone, visiting the Cliffs of Moher, and above all, the Hoof and Mouth disease that closed the majo...

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If somebody I knew really went to this exotic island, I wouldn't settle for a stupid bit of crockery. I would AT LEAST want a chunk of Marlon Brando's rotting corpse.

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