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Für Alle die in Berlin wohnen.


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posted by bro lyx on February 14th, 2010 2:09 PM

Hi and hallo!
Although I find that the quadriga makes quite nice a silhuette, I am all for new and shiny. :)
Although I admit that I had my part in the Børlin-for-groupname-conspiration, I say we can stick to Berlin Zero as well. Presumed that we adopt the circular logo.
Best regards,

P.S. I'd love to start collaborative tasking! Any ideas?

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posted by Lincøln on February 14th, 2010 2:04 PM

Point of information: the parasutro for every city that is not San Francisco is not necessarily the tallest building, but the building with the most character, or SFØness that the city has. Which can mean many things, but is usually not the most popular, or biggest, or most impressive, but perhaps the coolest, of most beloved, or hated, or unique.

That being said, I think the Fernsehturm TV Tower there is a pretty great icon for your team (even though it is the tallest).

Good work.

Shiny and new!
posted by relet 裁判長 on February 14th, 2010 1:51 PM

Keith, if you are still playing, and all the others.
(And a hearty welcome to the newcomers after me by the way)

I would like to propose a new identity for this team. I know that this might sound drastic, given our long history of idleness, but still, I think it is time for a change.

I would like to propose a new logo. It's nothing fancy, but it sticks better with the ongoing theme of highest buildings. It uses the official logo colours, does not have JPG artefacts, and is rendered from a freely scalable SVG (vector) image.


And last but not least it is not egg-shaped like the current one.


How about renaming the team into "BØRLIN" (while keeping the "BØ" tag)? There's no particular reason for it, except that it employs the smørrebrød character in a slightly different way than the others. And different is different in my humble opinion. If you can follow me here.

Since I know that you cannot rename your team, we would probably have to create a new team and move over there.

Do I have your support for the one or the other proposal?

Kind regards,