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When one wants to ask a friend to do a favor, there's only one way to do it--messenger fly. Messenger flies are notoriously picky about who they choose to carry messages for, so we were forced to kidnap one. Luckily, he saw reason quickly and, ...

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Journey to the End of the Night, Chicago '11

50 + 45 points :: 2 comments :: 9 votes

Ahhh, nothing like the feel of a fresh new email address. The only emails you receive are from people you actually want to talk to, it takes a few mere seconds to get rid of old messages, and internet life seems nice and orderly. Never lasts as lon...

15 + 40 points :: 1 comment :: 8 votes

I put on my hunting gear. I have fond recollections of hunting in the past: Journey '08 and Architect '09. I stand tall on the hill, with my bicycle and red armband, as the large crowd turns to look in horror at the three of us "official" chasers...

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This praxis is best viewed by scrolling to the bottom, clicking +larger, and zooming to a size that allows for easy reading and viewing of the masterful details of each panel.

50 + 104 points :: 11 comments :: 21 votes

I played Journey Chicago as a runner in 2008 and survived to the end. It remains one of the most memorable nights I've spent in this city. This year, I decided to experience JTTEOTN from the other side, the darker side. As a staff chaser, my job was ...

50 + 75 points :: 4 comments :: 15 votes

In order to honor the labor of fruit, and all it does for us, several SF0-ers decided to help fruit invade the city of Chicago. Since fruit normally grows on land, and has already done a decidedly good job of "invading" there, Dela Dejavoo, Happy Mc...

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Put-Pocketing by Dela Dejavoo August 9th, 2010 9:39 AM

I'll admit right away that my motivation in doing this task was purely promotional. I decided to spread the word of SF0. And I decided there was no better place to do this than GenCon, a 4 day convention dedicated to gaming, filled with thousands of...

25 + 90 points :: 6 comments :: 19 votes
Fortune Not Cookie by Togashi Ni July 31st, 2010 7:26 PM

After completing the Death Kava task, I had a bunch of extra easter eggs left over. Since Dela Dejavoo found them in the city during her Treasure Hunters task, I decided to return the eggs to the city... albeit slightly improved. I painted the egg...

25 + 85 points :: 1 comment :: 18 votes

One of the greatest joys of living in upstate New York was the apple-picking. Midwest apples just aren't the same, and the apple-picking excursions I've been on here have been pretty disappointing. Spurred by bitterness, I decided that no one else ...

15 + 74 points :: 3 comments :: 16 votes :: 2 collaborators
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