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The Ezra Buckley Foundation
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The Ezra Buckley Foundation is devoted to the destruction of history via the creation of false historical events. We are sympathetic to the goals and philosophies of the Chrononautic Exxon but choose to take a more focused and directed path.

Q: Are you trying to create a single false event or numerous false events?
A: A combination of the two. The original plan was to create a few false events, which would be created, fleshed out, supported, and only fully created by the combination of the actions of multiple members, each action building on the foundation of the other's and each event supporting the others. Starting with the tiniest seed of history, through combined action the event will take on the full weight of history. This plan is, of course, open to change.

Q: What tasks are good choices for creation of false history?
A: A good question. Although any task could potentially be a history creator given sufficient creativity, some tasks the connection is easer to see than others. I'd suggest considering Reverse Shoplifting, Read Between the Lines, The Bigger The Lie The More They Believe, Ruins, or Message to the Past. Again, these are only suggestions.

Q: Who's Ezra Buckley?
Q: Ezra Buckley was behind a certain other, similar project that served as an inspiration for this foundation's goals and methods.


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