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Great Yarmouth Zero, or 'GYØ', is an AlternateCitiedZero based in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk of the UK.

Great Yarmouth was introduced to SFØ by Ben in early 2007, after the popular ARG Perplexcity, which Ben was a well known member of, ended and the users took to community forums to find some new games to play. SFØ was one that intrigued Ben, and thus he introduced it to the other members. Who, whilst starting off slowly, soon got the hang of it and started completing better tasks together.

In particular; Ben, Tom, Adam and (occasionally) Daryl are the hosts of the moderately successful SFØ Podcast as part of the 'Make It Work' task.

GYZERO refers to the following players:

GYZERO refers to the following completed tasks:

GYZERO refers to the following teams:


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