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Find something. Write about it. by Mandu

September 25th, 2006 5:57 PM

INSTRUCTIONS: I found a letter while waiting for MUNI. It was a love/hate letter to "Adriano" from "Helen" and part of it read:

"I have done nothing but house you, feed you, keep you high, give you money, smokes, {and} keep you high. People like you are worse than ordinary people who fuck people over."

Naturally, I laughed and laughed and show this note to everyone I meet (I carry it in my pocket everywhere I go).

What have you found? Where?

I was out in Chicago this past Saturday, hanging out with these two kids, one of whom I'd only known for about three weeks and the other one of whom I'd only just met that night. We'd been to a bar that seemed suspiciously like a lesbian bar, then made a long train/cab ride to Wicker Park, where we spent some time at a bar that was essentially TGIFriday's for indie kids. On our way to the next stop for the evening, we were joking around about something or other so I wasn't really watching my step and I kicked this random thing on the ground. At first I thought it was just a discarded bottle or something equally unimportant, but I glanced back behind my shoulder as I passed it and see this glorious little piece of handicraft. The picture is muddled and fuzzy but it shows this little plaster dreamcatcher, complete with plaster rocks on which is perched a plaster bald eagle with outstretched wings and real feathers. Man! On the bottom of the piece, there is a little sticker that reads: "Not Native American made as defined by 25 U.S.C. 305 ET SEQ." Naturally, I had to take this found object with me, so I stuck it in my purse and carried on towards the rest of my evening.
And, oh, what an evening, indeed.

- smaller

American PRIDE

American PRIDE

Found object.

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posted by Cameron on September 25th, 2006 6:25 PM


Here's the referenced law:

I learned a little about this in a Native American affairs law class; it's basically an attempt to promote Native American arts and crafts...

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posted by Mandu on September 25th, 2006 6:27 PM

oh, that's really cool to know.
see, sf0 really is a learning experience!

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posted by Orion on September 27th, 2006 10:48 AM

Identifying something in terms of who DIDN'T make it has potential...